Cyclist Dies in ChCh


Another cyclist death - this time in Christchurch.

Police say that at about 8.40 pm tonight, emergency services were called to a crash in High Street, Leeston, where it was reported a car had collided with a cyclist.

The male cyclist, a local man aged 40, died as a result of the injuries received.

Selwyn Police, assisted by the Serious Crash Unit are investigating the cause of crash. Victim Support personnel are helping with witnesses and family.




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  2. Glen K says:

    More accurate to say “Cyclist dies NEAR Chch” - Leeston is a little country town of ~1300 people about 30km away from the Christchurch urban area.

  3. mark says:

    Car drivers are not exactly exempt from dying - below just another random note of carnage from earlier this week (unless you have the horrible luck to be personally involved in some way, I think it’s the statistics that matter, not the individual cases).

    Glen K - was the crash on a rural section, do you know? I did some studying of the Auckland cycle crash rates provided by NZTA, and they were actually a lot better (fewer crashes, and about a third less severe on average) than in the rest of the country - probably because of lower speeds in the urban areas. Ironic, because most people think Auckland is WORSE than the rest of the country for cycling safety, when it’s the reverse, broadly speaking.

  4. Matt says:

    A cyclist fatality on Saturday night in Wellington - sadly my sister-in-law’s brother - has received no attention from the media other than at the DomPost.

  5. mark says:

    My sympathies, Matt. The story reads like so many others, and hints at faulty road design and possibly at neglience by drivers - hopefully, with the new Wellington mayor, things will improve.

  6. Matt says:

    Mark, one of the things Jen was particularly pissed about with the article was that the reported didn’t say that while they were at the site (it’s walking distance from her home) several cars cut the corner. Sounds like very poor road design.


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