Rail, Road Flood Cleanup Continues -Photos


While parts of Queensland recover from the category 4 cyclone, road and rail workers here are still repairing the damage of the north’s weekend cyclone-fuelled floods.

Auckland Transport says it is too early to assess the cost of the local road damage but that it could run into several millions of follars.
A 2 km section of Matakana Valley Rd, in rural Rodney, remains closed after last weekend’s storms.

Auckland Transport says it could take another two weeks for damage caused by slips and flooding to be repaired and the road re-opened .

Here is the worst affected section of the road- between Govan Wilson and Smith roads.

Some 30 local homes on Govan Wilson Road and a further 20 on Matakana Valley Road north of the slip are affected by the closure, although all are accessible and foot traffic is allowed through the site with care.

Auckland Transport spokesman Murray Noone says the Rodney area and Waiheke Island were worst affected by the storms, with around 100 incidents reported, ranging from flooding and slips to trees and other debris blocking road access. 
Contractors continue to clear slips and debris from Coromandel Peninsula highways following cyclone Wilma. A large slip at Ruamahunga Bay completely closed State Highway 25 15kms north of Thames.

Here is some of the North Island Line damage north of Kauri on the NAL and in Otiria yard.

The cyclone caused 5 slips and 7 wash outs on the NAL.

Auckland  -Wellsford reopened Monday, Wellsford to Whangarei opened yesterday and Kauri to Otiria not due to open until next week.

Dargaville line has not yet been inspected.





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