RWC Stabling Practice


Here is a sight we will be getting used to this year.

Last night, awaiting the end of the cricket at Eden Park were 2 trains stabled in the sidings at Morningside.

This was another practice run for the RWC 2011 in which Morningside will be used as an extra station besides Kingsland for the crowds attending matches at Eden park.




  1. Joshua says:

    Was dissapointed with the electronic signs, was at Grafton train station and they only had the normal schedule up on the information board. No indication that extra trains were running. We even ordered a taxi when we though we wouldn’t be there in time only for a train to turn up just as we were leaving.

    Communication Fail Again.

  2. Jeff H says:

    Nice that improved stabling has lead to a notable decrease in late night and pre dawn dead running of trains. Must save money too.


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