How It’s Looking: Greenlane


Greenlane’s platform extension work will take four months and will involve the station being closed in April for several weeks.
The equipment is all lined up but not much else is happening yet in our check, one week on from when the start of the work was scheduled to begin.

It’s not easy to spot the train station right by the motorway ramps and there is no pedestrian crossing across the busy street nearby:

But why wouldn’t you take a train to the city rather than get stuck in the traffic trying to enter the motorway.
And… I also am not sure that recent major intersection change there has made it any smoother for traffic flows:




  1. Matt L says:

    Those concrete boxes look like they are for the new signalling going in.

  2. BrentP says:

    I totally agree with the comment about traffic flows. Flow is far worse than it was before, particularly if you are trying to get off the motorway (heading north) and trying to get to Remuera.


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