Motorway Link Closures This Weekend


This weekend, there will be closures affecting the Fanshawe Street on-ramp - which provides access to the Northern Motorway (State Highway 1) and the Auckland Harbour Bridge – and a section of the northbound lanes of the motorway through central Auckland.

This is because of work on the Vic Park tunnel project.

  • The northbound lanes of SH1 – from the Nelson Street on-ramp to the Curran Street on-ramp just before the bridge – will be closed from midnight Friday until 6.30am on Saturday, and again from midnight Sunday until 5am on Monday.
  • Both of the overnight closures include the Wellington Street on-ramp, the northbound Port-to-SH1 link, and the northbound connection between the Northwestern Motorway and SH1.
  • The Fanshawe Street on ramp will be closed to all traffic, including buses, throughout the weekend from midnight on Friday until 5am the following Monday. Access to the CBD for traffic travelling south from the bridge will not be affected.
  • Drivers leaving the CBD to go north are advised to use the Curran Street motorway on-ramp, accessed from Jervois Road in Ponsonby.

The NZTA’s State Highway’s Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker, says the Fanshawe Street on-ramp is being totally rebuilt. When the Victoria Park Tunnel project is completed in 2012, three lanes of northbound traffic will surface from the tunnel at the on-ramp and merge with traffic coming from the CBD. The re-build is needed to enable the merge to happen safely and smoothly.

Mr Parker says drivers will need to take care because there will be a slight change in the configuration of lanes at the on-ramp and coming off the Victoria Park Viaduct after next weekend’s work.

“This will be the first of many traffic shifts on the motorway through St Marys Bay as work is completed in one area and moves to another.”





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