The Cost Of Station Upgrades


One of the reasons Auckland Transport is talking about a speeding up of rail station upgrades -as detailed earlier today here -  is because the cost jumps after electrification is rolled out because of all the work that has to be redone or duplicated. That work has already begun.

So by how much?

Here’s the estimated breakdown with the figure in brackets post-electrification and the job priority status (H for High, M for Medium, L for Low)

Western Line

Mt Albert Full upgrade $4.8m (6.2m) H

Mt Eden CCTV $70,000 (Same) H

Swanson Park & Ride $2.4m ($3.12m) H


Onehunga Platform extension $460,000 ($596,000) M

North Auckland Line

Remuera $820,000 ($1.066m) M

Greenlane $1,830,000 (?) M

Penrose $145,000 ($185,000) M

Southern (Westfield to Puhinui)

Westfield $810,000 ( $1.53m) M

Otahuhu $810,000 ($1.53m) M

Papatoetoe CCTV $70,000 (same) M

Puhinui $1,230m ($1,599m) M

Southern Puhinui to Papakura

Te Mahia $1.750m ($2.275m) L

Takinini $1.850m ($2.288m) L

Papakura reconfiguration and station reconfiguration $3.66m ($4.68m) H

Britomart / Newmarket

Parnell Stage 1 (Old Newmarket station relocation) $1.105,000 ( $1.436,500) H

Parnell Stage 2 Full station & Track $14m ($18.2m) H


Orakei  CCTV $70,000 (Same) L

Meadowbank CCTV $70,000 (Same) L

Glen Innes CCTV $70,000 (Same) L

Panmure - station enhancements for AMETI Design Only $500,000 ($650,000) M

Not included for now

Huapai Permanent station design only $230,000 ($230,000)

Waitakere $230,000 (same) L

Drury Design only $450,000 (same) L

Pukekohe Design Only $300,000 (same) L

OTAHUHU: Hardly an incentive to travel by train



  1. Mike F says:

    Jon C

    Presume the post Greenlane figure is $ 2,150,000 not $150,000.

  2. AKT says:

    @Mike F That would be a bargain! Sorry meant to have been left out as the list made a mistake there

  3. Matt L says:

    By doing it now instead of later we save about $10m, or another way of looking at it will cost us 30% more to do it later rather than now, or we get a 24% discount for doing it early :-)

    Either way of looking at it, it seems like good value to do it now.

  4. Jon C says:

    @ Matt L Awesome. That $10m can go towards the CBD loop meaning we know only have to find $2.3b minus $10m!

  5. Carl says:

    Pukekohe, design only, what a joke

  6. Vote National - Kill Rail says:

    And if Steven Joyce hadn’t taken $200 million away from PT funding for his” White Elephants of National Party Insignficance” we could have had these stations finished by now.

    Vote National - Kill Rail

  7. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by William McGrath, AKT. AKT said: Here's cost breakdown of planned $38m Auck train station upgrade- & cost after electrification #auckland #train #rail [...]

  8. Kurt says:

    The cost of Mt Albert is staggering based on either figure. Are they going to relocate the site and or create a park and ride?

  9. Nick R says:

    Big plans for Mt Albert Kurt. No relocation and I don’t think there is a park n ride planned, but earlier concepts involved a whole precinct upgrade including development over the station, new footbridge access etc. By the sounds of it the Mt Albert upgrade will be comprable to New Lynn (minus the trench and roadworks as is is already effectively in a trench.


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