Auckland Airport Rail Progress


An international consultancy group chosen to investigate future transport links to Auckland Airport is steaming ahead with the study, which includes a look at a rail link.
Around June, the company, GHD, will identify the preferred routes and projects for rapid transit (for example bus or rail), state highways and local transport improvements.

By the end of the year it is anticipated that the process of protecting routes will begin.

The project is to identify the transport projects needed during the next 30 plus years for Auckland airport and the area surrounding it.

It’s looking at the local, regional and national transport networks as one system.

The investigations will have a strong focus on how transport links with good land use outcomes in the surrounding commercial, industrial, residential areas and town centres.

Auckland Transport was told at yesterday’s board meeting that despite tight timeframes, the Southwest to Auckland Transport Study is on track to meet Auckland Council Spatial Plan obligations for March / April and that Auckland Transport is working closely with project partners, Auckland Council, NZTA, Auckland Airport and KiwiRail.

Auckland Transport Chief Executive David Warburton says the outcome will be to give certainty about what transport infrastructure is needed and when it needs to be built.

“The mayor has identified transport links to the airport as a key strategic project for Auckland’s growth. The work will build on previous studies of transport options for the airport area. To move forward we need to build a strong case and must consider all the options for transport in the area, these investigations will look at the transport network in the area as a whole.

“The investigations will look at how to move freight in the area as well as people, as the airport gateway area is significant for Auckland’s economic growth.

“This project will take a similar approach to the spatial plan, by taking a look more than 30 years into the future and identifying opportunities for integrated transport and land use,” Mr Warburton says.

Auckland airport is getting busier

GHD General Manager (New Zealand/Pacific) Gary Payne says the airport transport strategy is a challenging project because there are a wide range of issues to address.

“The area is likely to need a package of transport projects rather than any single solution. As well as people travelling to the airport we need to provide transport for people living or working in the area and create places that are liveable. We’re looking forward to using GHD’s skills and knowledge to help Auckland achieve good solutions for this area, which will be quite significant for the future.”

According to official estimates, the number of passengers through the airport is projected to grow from the current 13.4 million a year, to 24 million in 2025 and potentially as much as 36 million by 2050.

A recent Market Economic study projected employment at the airport and the surrounding airport corridor area to grow from the current 21,000 to as much as 38,000 by 2031.

Let’s hope the final report doesn’t get the same Beehive cynicism the CBD rail link Business Case got!

Nothing will change in time for the RWC 2011 crowds.

The person in charge of RWC 2011 Transport arrangements told yesterday’s meeting Auckland International Airport would cope but there were some concerns about the Domestic Terminal.

A plan for an upgrade of the domestic forecourt is being discussed.

It was noted: “This area needs improvement so that transport operations will work more efficiently and safely.”




  1. Nick R says:

    Do we really need another review of this?

    A line from Manukau to the CBD via the airport plus one on the ASL corridor have been on the Regional Transport Strategy for a couple of decades now.

    The conclusion of the last report was simply to build what was already in the Transport Strategy, and to build it as heavy rail.

    How about we just implement the strategy and build the damned rail lines already?! Do we really need another series of reports to say the line is a good idea and that buses or light rail on the route won’t cut it?

  2. rtc says:

    I think this study also includes a much more substantial BCR, without it Joyce will always say that he needs more information blah blah as per usual.

  3. Patrick R says:

    yeah delay by report…. he will still say there are unknown things…. funny he doesn’t display any such caution with highways….

  4. Carl says:

    Agree with Nick R,

    the airport has been there for how many years?

    I’m sorry but NZ is a joke. how many more report are we going to need? Id love to know over the years, how much tax payers money has been wasted on “reports, ideas, designs”

    it just keeps adding up, the years tick by and things get more expensive.

    I remember writing an email to ARTA when I came back from Europe in 07.

    in 4 years the price of everything has sky rocketed and where are we?

    still no better off and at the time they laughed me off.

    I’m sorry but they are or who ever thinks we need let another report, is one that should be laughed at.

    just build the dam thing!

  5. Mark says:

    I still like Whenuapai and a nice ferry trip to the CBD :)


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