Motorway Work Brings Jobs


So how many jobs have been created from all the motorway work ticked off by the Government?
Finance Minister Bill English was crowing about it today at a speech to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

He said - and I quote - “I have no doubt that thousands more New Zealanders would be out of work without the Government’s considerable infrastructure programme.”

Vic Park Tunnel project workers moving the old Birdcage hotel

So how many specifically for transport? This is what he had to say:

“$222m of spending on five large state highway projects. In addition, the Government has accelerated $100 million of small and medium sized roading projects. All up, this has created or retained about 550 jobs, and supported up to 1200 extra jobs in associated trades providing shorter-term services. This is in addition to our wider road building programme which is supporting thousands more jobs. ”

Today the Contractors’ Federation has urged local authorities to follow the government’s example of pressing ahead with infrastructure development despite the tight economy.

Federation chief executive Jeremy Sole said that the civil construction industry was still suffering from the impact of the economic downturn and urged local authorities to take a similar approach, reaping benefits for taxpayers.

“Local authorities should continue to evaluate what essential infrastructure development work can be brought forward so ratepayers can benefit from such a favourable purchasing environment while the industry is still very quiet,” he said.

“The market is so competitive that councils may find that they end up with a cheaper overall outcome by borrowing in order to get the work done now.”



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