Tiverton Still Waiting


The long-discussed improvement to the Tiverton-Wolverton Route has been raised by Auckland Transport but it’s not being fast-tracked at this stage, contrary to what you might read elsewhere.

The route forms an important district arterial route that links the rapidly developing New Lynn town centre with SH20 and the airport route. The project has category 1 funding approval by NZTA subject to the submission fo an updated business case but the project was foolishly removed from the 10- year plan by the old Auckland city council back in 2008. It’s another typically half-hearted Auckland approach that doesn’t finish off a project that is left hanging.

Stage 1 was completed in 2007. That involved construction of 2 large retaining walls between the Blockhouse Bay Rd and Whitney St and widening the route for 300m. Only line marking changes were needed on that section to produce a 4 lane road.

The next plan creates a four lane route linking SH20 with New Lynn.

This site has had numerous complaints from locals around there sick of the congestion at peak times in the morning and wondering when the project will move ahead.

It was raised at last week’s Auckland Transport meeting but a proposal to fast track it was watered down to agreeing in principle only.

The chair said he was reluctant to commit any funding at this stage until it had been looked at and considered alongside other priorities.




  1. Duncan says:

    Oh right. So there is a plan to eventually expand this route.

    I occasionally commute down Blockhouse Bay rd and onto Tiverton to head towards sh20. It’s always seemed a bit half-arsed.


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