Some Bus, Rail Fares Up Sunday


Don’t get caught short - train fare increases happen on Sunday -but also some NZ Bus monthly pass fares are changing. There is no change to bus single or 10 trip prices.

Rail fare increases range from 10 cents for a one stage trip to 50 cents for eight stages. Details here

Too many increases will send people back to cars

The bus fares (Metrolink, Waka, Link. Go West) changing from Sunday are:




  1. Matt L says:

    It was pretty sneaky for NZ Bus to put a fare increase in after AT had already gone public with the train fares.

  2. David Swann says:

    Why are we being told to use public transport on onr hand, yet NZ bus seem intent on making it as difficult as possible to use it?
    The weekly all zone pass has been deleted, so now my flatmate has to stump up $200 in one hit just to get to work and back!!!
    People will slowly move back to using cars….


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