Waterfront Tram Tracks Grow


The waterfront tram tracks have reached the corner of Gaunt and Daldy Sts in the Wynyard Quarter.
The 1.5km loop will run clockwise along Jellicoe St, down Halsey St, along Gaunt St and up Daldy St. Trams will be in service for the RWC 2011.- Project background here
The sight of heritage trams running in the CBD has taken on new symbolism as the Government torpedoes plans for a CBD rail link and in its hopes for the Auckland Spatial Plan talks up buses and roads but makes barely little mention of rail as part of our city’s transport infrastructure development.
Here is how the tram construction work was proceeding this afternoon:




  1. mark says:

    I’d love to see the trams have some real transport function, but when (assuming the budget will not be changed anyway) is the new Te Wero bridge budgeted for? Until that allows a connection to Britomart, this is just an expensive toy train.

  2. James B says:

    A question for the real train nerds out there. Why do tram tracks have the extra flange thing running alongside the running rail? I have checked wiki and they don’t seem to have an answer.

  3. Nick R says:

    Nothing too exciting James B, just so the gap for the flange is maintained when paving/asphalt is laid up to the edge of the track.

    You usually see this at railway crossings too. Just keeps the road surface nice and smooth.

  4. AKT says:

    @Mark Te Wero Bridge will be at first an interim pedestrian and Te Wero Bridge cycling bridge which will link the Eastern Viaduct Harbour (Te Wero Island) with the Wynyard Quarter. from the Viaduct down to This will allow a promenade the ‘Tank Farm’. Construction of that section of the bridge is underway. The bridge is
    scheduled for completion next month.
    No word on when trams could be used across it.

  5. Matt L says:

    Mark & AKT - I believe the bridge foundations are being built strong enough to support trams as they will be permanent however the temporary bridge deck isn’t going to be strong enough. Hopefully the temporary bridge won’g stay for to long and we get a new deck with tram tracks built in so we can extend the route to Britomart.

  6. mickeymouse says:

    who is laying the tracks? are they railway contractors or just any old joe blo?

    Looks like they are also Thermite Welding the joints. very nice!!

  7. Steve W says:

    Interesting seeing the sleepers under the rails (Not used for the new tram tracks laid in Christchurch a couple of years ago).

    Funny seeing “standard” gauge in New Zealand too as well as seeing rails in Halsey Street going North/South.

    Sadly the installation of the rails would have meant the lifting of the last rails which crossed Halsey Street (East/West) near Gaunt St which as far as I can recall were still there until recently. I think that they were part of a siding which believe it or not once crossed Fanshawe Street went across where Victoria Park is now, to Victoria St West.

  8. Jon Reeves in Switzerland says:

    Great to see progress.

    Right now I am watching the Basel tram line number 6 grow another 2.5kms over two bridges and into Germany. Basel uses 1mtr guage for trams…and yes, sleepers are laid under the rails first.

    I visited Mulhouse, 25 mins up the road in France, last weekend to see their new tram system. Very nice indeed and even for a Sunday was well patronised - but it does connect with the main railway station.

    Auckland really needs to get these trams to Britomart. Nikki Kaye seems useless on this front and needs to be voted out so Central Auckland has an MP who actually gives a dam about the city.

  9. damian says:

    Dominion Constructors are develiverying the work. I am not sure if they have subcontracted out the work or not.

    Interesting that they have broken the terms and conditions of the AWDA form of form of contract with respect to phasing.

  10. mark says:

    I am ware of the bridge (Wynyard Crossing is the name, BTW). However, it will take many, many years in the current financial climate until if gets replaced with one that can take trams.

    By then, any excitement for this tram will likely have worn off long since. I just can’t see many tourists (especially after RWC is gone) wanting to ride on it. Even with the new Jellicoe Street buildings, most of the circuit is either boring or waste ground at the moment! I think they should have saved the money fr a more useful tram/rail related investment, such as extending the MOTAT trams further, for example.

  11. Nick R says:

    Call me cynical, but I don’t expect that this temporary bridge will end up being anything but permanent by default. Perhaps they need to look back at the other route around the viaduct, even if it is inferior.

  12. Patrick R says:

    This is a little off topic, but has anyone done any work on an improved network for CHCH now that there is, shall we say, a new opportunity there?

    Now that AK is getting noddyland trams perhaps it’s a chance for CHCH to put in something real? Out to the Uni, Sumner?


  13. KLK says:

    See the plans to link this route with the MOTAT tram, bypassing some of Auckland’s popular attractions - Victoria park market, Ponsonby Road, Western Springs, the Zoo etc. There would be a fair few commuters on that route too.

    I also think we should be looking at the eastern suburbs beaches, linking them to Britomart by tram.

    If we have to wait a few years before the bridge is finished to link the Viaduct with Britomart - thereby making one continuous line from (e.g.) St Helliers to Motat - then so be it.

  14. Tristan says:

    Awesome. After the RWC is been and gone, I can’t wait for a tram to take me to on a tour past the bus depot, the dive shop, the exterior of fisheries companies, and some concrete parking lots.

  15. max says:

    @Tristan Totally agree, what is the point here? There’s nothing to see and its taking forever to complete this simple project. I’ve already seen some damage to the surface at one bend which is quite concerning.
    I’m all for bring rail back and think trams are a beautiful solution but this project seems to be not so well thought out.


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