Eden Park Gets ChCh Quarters


It is just as well Auckland Transport has been testing out the public transport needed for RWC 2011 matches.

The trains have just got a lot busier.

Eden Park will host two more major RWC2011 games because all the 7 matches scheduled for Christchurch have been scrapped because of the quake damage.

The two quarter finals on October 8 and 9 have been shifted from Christchurch to Eden Park.

Ticket purchasers for all Christchurch matches will be offered the option of a refund or the opportunity to secure tickets to the rescheduled matches.

Matches other than the quarter finals that will no longer be in Christchurch will be shifted to other stadia presumably including the South island but the government announcement calls this “a complex process with many factors to consider including accommodation, transport and broadcast logistics. Any changes to the match schedule will involve discussions with multiple suppliers and all this will take time.”

The announcement said that the repair timeframes for the damage to the Christchurch stadium are so tight there would be no leeway for work delays or for any risks.

Two quarter finals move to Eden Park

Among the “risks”:

  • Ongoing investigation required that might reveal the need for further work in relation to structures and playing surface
  • Complexity of a work programme that includes superficial and structural repairs and full replacement of the playing surface
  • Availability of resources (labour, material and equipment) and timeliness of securing consents
  • Aftershocks that might impact on the work programme




  1. Rene says:

    I would hope that the additonal revenue generated by the extra tickets available to Eden Park quarter-finals is directed to the recovery effort. I believe Eden Park holds an addtional 20,000 people so at least some sort of cost recovery should be feasible.

    I hope the NZRFU / RWC Ltd comes good on this issue, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Cam says:

    Sad news but it has looked on the cards. Not great for Christchurch but i guess they have bigger fish to fry right now with all the damage and loss of lives and livleyhoods that has occured. I would think RWC would be down the list of priorities for most people.

    @Rene that would be ideal if they could do that. Don’t think the IRB is that generous though.

  3. Rene says:

    It was my understanding (and I’m happy to be corrected) that the IRB does not receive the revenue for ticketing but that it goes to the NZRFU’s coffers instead.

    I believe the equation for NZ to host the RWC was that we pay the IRB its fee, they cash in on all the sponsorship, TV rights and licensing deals and we (NZ) only get the ticket sales as our revenue stream. The government of the time then had to stump up $XXm to make sure it happend and obviously other costs such as the Eden Park upgrade etc.

    The budget therefore for ticket sales would have only factored in 45,000 for two quarter finals in CHC not 65,000. I’m not advocating all of the extra ticket sales goes to CHC but surely 25% could be directed their way?

  4. Jon C says:

    Poor residents. It was their only weekend without games.

  5. damian says:

    We should actually be donating the money to Japan rather than CHCH. At present there is enough funding being generated across the country to support CHCH.

  6. rtc says:

    @Damian - is there? Where’s the evidence? The govt. still claims they have no money for projects in Auckland.

  7. damian says:

    what do projects in auckland have to do with this?
    This is about extra recovery money being taken from the RWC ticket sales.

  8. Chris says:

    @Damian - ‘At present there is enough funding being generated across the country to support CHCH.’ Evidence?
    Yes, a lot is being done, but the cost of Christchurch will be ongoing for the next few years, and other areas of the country will need to play catch-up with their own projects after Christchurch is rebuilt e.g. such as Aucklands CBD loop.


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