What’s Up With Matangi?


I’m surprised Wellington readers have not reported how they are enjoying the sparkling new Matangi trains which began running as promised in February, early March, mid-March, this week.

Oh, that’s right they haven’t started yet.

There remains an uneasy cone of silence about exactly why and when they will start.

One official says they will start ….next week.

That’s good because then we would be getting into April and serious questions might have to be asked.

We’ve seen a shiny Matangi on public display. Now we want to ride them, please.




  1. anthony says:

    Those poor Wellington Commuters, they have put up with enough crap for a long time now. I can only hope it would be worth the wait and price increase.

  2. GJA says:

    By the time they are in service, tenders will go out for replacement trains, since they will be too old.

    What will happen with the Auckland trains????

    Mickey Mouse…

  3. Jim C says:

    I’ve been waiting for them to start. I want to get the Capital Connection down, spend some of the day riding on the Matangis, and return to Palmy.

  4. Pete says:

    There are at least 2 sets still in their plastic this morning in the yard at Thorndon, as well as a couple of sets that around and seemingly moving.

    Looking forward to using them after having months of replacement buses most week nights.

  5. Paul in Sydney says:

    No point putting them into service without being 100%

    They also need to train their drivers and maintenance staff

    Sydney’s Millennium train sets; forced into early service by the pollies; had numerous teething problems, of course the press jumped on this (bad PR for public transport) Now the Millennium sets have been the most successful new release ever

    So, give them a chance to do there jobs and get it write first time – it will pay off in the long run

  6. Pete says:

    I don’t mind them being tested (and very keen for Tranzmetro and GW to get it right), however the lack of information is what is very frustrating

  7. Ian says:

    Starting service tomorrow (Friday). Cleaners were seen on board this afternoon giving it a final polish.

  8. anthony says:

    @Ian, that is great to hear! i was worried this would turn into a disaster like the 787.

  9. Kegan says:

    Now in service according to Metlink.


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