Northland Roading Deferred


Not all NZTA roading projects are getting their expected funding.

The agency is deferring the start of work to upgrade State Highway 1 at Central Avenue in Whangarei.

The NZTA’s Principal Project Manager for the Northern Corridor, Brett Gliddon, says the project is still waiting for funding.  Even if that funding was approved immediately, adverse winter weather means there would be no guarantee that the NZTA could start and finish the project before the Rugby World Cup.

A planned removal of 11 mature trees at Mander Park so that the highways can be widened and intersections improved will also be deferred.  The NZTA was given permission by a planning commissioner earlier this year to remove the 11 trees.

With the deferral the NZTA says it is now considering whether to give priority to an upgrade of the intersection of State Highways 1 and 14 before Central Avenue.

The NZTA says it is still waiting for consent approvals from local authorities and construction at SH1/14 will not start before winter.  Funding also has to be approved for the project.

No work now starting for Whangarei road workers

“In terms of traffic volumes, access to the city hospital, and the intersection’s pivotal role as a transport link, it does make sense to start the SH1/14 improvements first,” says Mr Gliddon.

“There is a need to keep the state highway network in the best possible condition during the world cup to ensure fans have as smooth a journey as possible to and from matches,” says Mr Gliddon.

“Our construction season finishes in May before the onset of winter rains, and we are acutely aware what the weather can do in terms of getting the job done before the world cup.”

Construction of Stage 2 of the Kamo by-pass is still on track and is due to be completed at the end of the year.









  1. anthony says:

    sooooo….we are spending 150million on a pointless motorway, even more on the holiday highway, no spending on the CBD rail loop, not interested in spending money on improving Christchurch and not spending money on road safety improvements.


  2. Jon Reeves in Switzerland says:

    Can’t wait for the Rugby World Cup to be over. Then what will be the reason touted for all the roading improvements?

  3. Chris R says:

    They were given a mandate???


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