More New Lynn Road Changes


New Lynn motorists better get used to more road changes and construction as the improvements continue.

Totara Avenue West’s original intersection with Great North Road has been closed permanently from today as work post- the New Lynn rail trench project continues.
The recently realigned avenue provides an alternative access to Great North Road via a new intersection at the top end of the Todd Triangle Reserve.

This road layout change also enables another safer intersection to be built where the new Clark Street extension will eventually connect with Great North Road.

Latest impression of Clark St

Another important change for the avenue – which will become a slow-speed shared zone environment when the current Totara Avenue/Todd Triangle redevelopment project is completed at the end of this year – is that it can now only be used by light vehicles.

From tomorrow, heavy commercial vehicles and buses will no longer be able to use Totara Avenue West.

Trucks will be able to use the Clark Street Extension – the heavy vehicle bypass currently under construction - when it is completed later this year. In the meantime, they can choose from a number of alternative routes to travel through New Lynn.

Trucks travelling west from Tiverton Rd/Wolverton St onto Clark St can access Great North Road by:

  • turning right into Portage Rd or Veronica St
  • turning left at Astley Ave, right into Margan Ave and right into Titirangi Rd.

Trucks travelling east on Great North Road to get to State Highway 20 can:

  • turn right at either Veronica St or Portage Rd and then left into Wolverton St
  • turn right at Titirangi Rd and travel via Margan Ave and Astley Ave to get to Wolverton St
  • avoid Great North Road through the New Lynn CBD by turning left into Rata St and right into Binstead Rd and Delta Ave to access either Veronica/Ward Sts (leading directly to Clark St) or Portage Rd.

Some delays on Totara Avenue West and Great North Road will occur while construction works are in progress.

When completed, the Clark St extension will be a 300-metre dual carriageway, extending Clark Street to the west from the intersection with Rankin and Totara Avenues and curving to the north via a new bridge over the rail trench to connect with Great North Road (next to Cambridge Clothing).


Work on Clark St

The bypass will provide an effective solution to the traffic bottleneck occurring on Totara Avenue at present and will provide a means for heavy vehicles from State Highway 20 to avoid the New Lynn CBD.

As the grassed slope supporting the Clark Street extension partially extends into Gardner Reserve, Auckland Transport is also upgrading and enhancing the reserve as part of its Stage 2 works.

A new public toilet block has already been installed and work on a rain garden has begun. A number of other changes, such as landscaping, new seating and lighting, and realigning and upgrading footpaths, will transform the reserve into a more attractive and useable public space. However, important features of the reserve, such as the brickworks, remnant garden plantings and significant trees, will be retained.

Totara Avenue West will be a shared space. Although the footprint of Todd Triangle will be substantially altered by the Totara Avenue works, the reconfigured reserve will be slightly larger than the existing one.

The existing totara tree, heritage-listed Phoenix palm and historic clock tower will be retained in their current locations within a slightly altered grassed area. A new shade structure, seating and garden areas will also be installed, many incorporating brickwork to reflect the history of New Lynn.

By the end of the year, the Todd Triangle Reserve will also be home to four brick sculptures from renowned Auckland potter and sculptor Peter Lange. Loosely based on Monopoly game pieces, the interactive art works will be scattered on the grass area for people to sit or play on.

A fifth Peter Lange sculpture – a brick seat – will be placed next to the historic Potters Post building by the New Lynn Community Centre.






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