Panmure Interchange Update


Construction of the major new transport infrastructure for Panmure will start towards the end of the year.

The work, which is the first major stage of AMETI, includes the creation of an enhanced transport interchange at Panmure and a new road to take pressure off Panmure roundabout before a new intersection is built.
The first Panmure AMETI stage (scheduled for completion in 2014) includes:

  • Major upgrades at Panmure Station to create an interchange that allows easy transfer between buses and trains.

This will include a station for the new urban busway, improvements to the existing rail station, a new road with stops for local buses, improved pedestrian and cycle connections and space for future town centre development.

  • A new two lane road (with space for future four lanes) linking Morrin Rd to Mt Wellington Highway. This will go under Mountain Rd and Ellerslie Panmure Highway and remove some through traffic from the town centre, freeing up capacity for the future replacement of Panmure roundabout.
  • Constructing a 220m covered box between Ellerslie Panmure Highway and Mountain Rd with space for the new AMETI road. The new road where local buses will stop at the station will be built on top of the box.

Auckland Transport Major Projects Manager Rick Walden says the first projects in Panmure are major works. Creating the covered box in the area of the station is of a similar scale to what was seen with the New Lynn Station and what is being done for Manukau Station.


  • Raising Ellerslie Panmure Highway by two metres to allow for the new road and rail electrification, constructing a new bridge for the busway and replacing the existing traffic bridge, both with provision for a possible future third rail line.
  • Realigning Mountain Rd east to meet Jellicoe Rd and replacing the rail bridge
  • Widening Morrin Rd to four lanes between Fraser and Tainui roads

Interchange sequence

Rick Walden says the plans show that significant progress is being made on the AMETI project.

“The clear message from people in the area is to get on with transport improvements. This shows that things are happening.By dealing with congestion on strategic transport links in the eastern suburbs we can start to unlock the economic potential of the area.

“The strategy for AMETI is to make improvements that deal with key congestion points like Panmure town centre and getting more people on to public transport. These plans show progress on both of those aims, with a new road to take pressure off Panmure roundabout and the start of construction to allow for a busway station.

“The Panmure roundabout will be upgraded with a new intersection during the next stage of work. Work is also underway on further developing concepts for the busway that would run from Panmure to Pakuranga and towards Botany.”

Changes to Traffic Movements from Jellicoe Road Following Roundabout Replacement:

  • Currently 38% of southbound Jellicoe Road traffic is destined for Mt Wellington Highway, 18% to Lagoon Drive and 16% to E-P Highway.
  • 11% is destined for Ireland Road (much of this is rat running to Carbine Road).
  • 11% go back up Jellicoe Road, presumably after visiting Panmure town centre.

In future:

  • 45% of current southbound Jellicoe Road traffic will divert to the new AMETI link, including some trips currently using Ireland Road and Lagoon Drive. Traffic headed to E-P Highway will use Mountain Road / Forge Way, or divert elsewhere (eg Lunn Ave).
  • Some of the traffic using Ireland Road (rat run) and Lagoon Drive (to Pakuranga / Botany) is likely to divert to the AMETI Road and Mt Wellington Highway.

You can find out more at an information day tomorrow 10am-1pm, Panmure Community Hall, 7-13 Pilkington Rd.

The initial stages of the AMETI scheme, the construction of a two-lane road from Mt Wellington Highway to Morrin Road, involves the relocation of the existing Van Damm’s Lagoon car park and the creation of a new maintenance access to the reserve. The new maintenance access and relocated car park are proposed to be located on the eastern side of the reserve.
The pond within the reserve will be made deeper through the removal of sediment to provide more capacity for the treatment of stormwater run-off generated by the project as well as providing a benefit for wider the catchment. The wetland habitat will be retained and enhanced with new native wetland planting.

Initial scheme 2 lane

Future scheme 4 lane

AKT reported earlier this week that the Auckland Council transport committee passed a resolution supported upgrading AMETI to Rapid Transit (i.e. a busway rather than bus lanes).




  1. GJA says:

    What will happen to the park-and-ride facilities?

  2. Luke says:

    this IS something that we can definitely be very positive about. A few years this was looking like a project to build the eastern section of the hated eastern motorway.
    Now its transformed to a largely PT and town centre rejuvenation project, like New Lynn.

    As for Park and Ride, looks like the existing facility will remain.
    However it is right that the focus is on a bus/rail interchange, the Council will never be able to build enough car parking to keep up with demand.

  3. AKT says:

    @GJA @Luke AT says in response, during the construction there will be a temporary park and ride

  4. rtc says:

    That grade separated ‘AMETI road’ conveniently hidden away sure looks like a highway to me…..this is still a roads fest.

    Building a 4 lane grade separated road right down into GI is nothing more than the Eastern Highway in drag. It’s simple PT-washing when they focus on the bus lanes they’re installing while providing almost no images of this road they’re planning.

  5. Scott says:

    Wow, Double deck roads in auckland.

    Care will be needed with those cycle ways. I can see the enclosed environment meaning worsened air quality, less light and louder vehicular noise making it a unpleasant place to cycle

  6. GJA says:

    @AKT - I can see that there will be temp park and ride, but about after the the construction?

    If I look at the first picture (I assume that is the ‘After’ picture) then there is no parking. The busses in my area are not convenient. A lot of cars will then just drive to Glen Innes and put extra pressure on the roads. At least I will only need to pay for 2 stages and not for 3.

  7. Luke says:

    @GJA I would hope by the time this is done bus services are hugely improved, and feed the trains and medium distance buses much better.
    Is much cheaper than building multi-storey carparks to keep up with demand!

  8. AKT says:

    @GJA AT is coming back to me about the permanent situation.

  9. rtc says:

    Is this new AMETI route being built on part of the railway corridor? It appears to. My concern is that much of this project will prevent triple or four tracking of the railway line through here in the future.

  10. Jon C says:

    @GJA @Luke
    Update from the helpful people at Auckland Transport.
    In the short term once construction starts half of the existing area will be needed for the work, these spaces will be replaced by park and ride east of the railway (the future development area). The area is identified as a transit oriented development site by Auckland Council, so the park and ride spaces would stay at least until that is developed. At that point there would be an opportunity to incorporate parking into a development.

  11. Jon C says:

    @RTC AT says all the plans do allow for possible future third rail through the area, which Kiwirail will ultimately make a decision on.

  12. Patrick R says:

    Yes it apparently is to be east of the current tracks and platforms at Panmure and underground… no room for a 4th one though…. this could be regretted I think in about a decade.


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