Petrol Rise Seeing More PT Use


It’s not just Auckland that is experiencing an obvious jump in public transport use in part because of the rising cost of petrol.

Those rising petrol prices are driving people to discover and use public transport in areas outside Auckland as well.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council reports today that rising petrol prices - plus recently improved bus services - has resulted in increasing bus passengers on Napier and Hastings goBay routes.

One of the goBay bus drivers

In March the goBay bus services carried 64,114 passengers, and for the first time revenue from the bus service crossed the $100,000 threshold, with $106,954 in fares being paid.

For comparison, the next highest was March 2010 where the buses carried 53,103 passengers and took revenue of $74,432.

The Government may ignore Auckland’s rising PT use (but at their peril as Aucklanders do vote in the election in big numbers) but how will they explain rising demand for PT around the country?





  1. Andrew Miller says:

    Build it and they will come…

  2. Patrick R says:

    I bet it’s the improved service that is doing it…. what you feed grows….


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