Vroom Boom Art


I enjoy Living Room, Auckland’s week of Art in Public Places.
It’s the sort of crazy street art thing you expect wandering around Wellington or numerous international cities.
Wandering around this morning to see what was happening, I came across an “automotive taniwha” in Aotea Square.

Dragon Head, the mechanical dragon by Japan’s Ujino, was “built from abandoned cars and local street paraphernalia taking the remnants of consumer society and turning into a giant beat-box.”

The explanation says that Ujino’s primary influence is said to be the boom of Japanese consumer culture that he grew up with and the influx of American culture.
His work reflects on issues of globalisation and the homogenisation of culture in big cities.
It’s fun when it comes alive.
I found this video of it doing its techno thing:




  1. mark says:

    Is that Steven Joyce’s transport policies eating Auckland?

    Ah, art - you can interpret it in so many ways ;-)

    Anyway, looks cool. Though the fence that someone insisted had to be around it really doesn’t help.


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