Greenlane Closed For Work


If you went to catch a train at Greenlane this morning, you’ll out of luck.
The station is now closed until May 1 for the platform extension work, masts and track maintenance as part of pre-electrification work.
Greenlane commuters have to get to Remuera or Ellerslie stations or one of the bus services that operate from Great South Rd or other nearby areas..
For the duration of the closure, rail monthly passes will be accepted on the Metrolink and Waka Pacific buses that stop near the station.




  1. William M says:

    There is a 15kph speed restriction on the Up main for ballast settling and before the line is tamped again.

  2. DanC says:

    I hope in future for Greenlane they provide bus stops on top of the bridge directly above the station and also pedestrian connections from Derry, Adam and Michelson Streets.

  3. Luke C says:

    maybe some of the platforms to be demolished from the Strand could be moved here. Its silly having a tiny bus stop shelter in the middle of a long exposed platform.

  4. mark says:

    A bus stop on the bridge would be mighty expensive, especially if it was to work both ways. Not in the cards I am afraid.

    If we got a Southern Cycleway though, along the rail line, that could be a shared path to make accessing the station easier by bike and on foot. Riding my own hobby horse, I guess, but feasibility studies have been done for such a cycleway.


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