Only 80% Trains Arrive On Time


Only 80% of Auckland’s trains arrived on time (within 5 minutes) last month.
In Wellington 89% of trains were on time to within 5 minutes in March.

Of the 8630 Auckland train services scheduled in March, 97.7 per cent arrived at their final destination and 80 per cent were on time.
There were four major train failures in March. Problems over the month included:

  • The first was on Wednesday 2 March at Britomart and the second on Friday 4 March in Glen Eden.
  • Mechanical issues were also experienced on Monday 14 March at Panmure and Friday 18 March at Takanini.
  • Train set problems caused delays to 149 services and resulted in 37 cancellations in March.
  • Six network failures caused by signal, points and Central Train Control communications failure occurred during March. These were recorded at Wiri on March 8, Pukekohe on 11 March, between Middlemore and Papatoetoe on 23 March, at Westfield on 24 March, between Paerata and Penrose, and at Morningside junction on 28 March and lastly at Quay Park on 30 March.
  • Signalling issues this month caused delays to 265 services and resulted in 34 train services being cancelled.
  • There was also a trespass incident on Thursday 10 March at Britomart station which restricted the use of the tunnel and affected 50 services, resulting in four cancellations.

Last month Auckland had 83% on time.

On Wellington’s troubled train system last month 82% of trains were on time to within 3 minutes.
That’s better than some of Auckland trains recent performance.
89% of trains were on time to within 5 minutes.
Performance by line:
Johnsonville Line – 89% on time
Kapiti Line – 79% on time
Upper Hutt Line – 83% on time
Wairarapa Line – 73% on time

Wellington’s Tranz Metro today increased its moves to ease overcrowding.

Have they helped?
Last week’s results were:
Week ending 17 April 2011 – 85% on time

Johnsonville Line – 94% on time
Kapiti Line – 80% on time
Upper Hutt Line – 84% on time
Wairarapa Line – 63% on time




  1. James Pole says:

    I find it interesting that a couple of years back the Western Line was the worst performing line. Now it’s the best performing line (ingoring Onehunga which wasn’t there back in the old days). It’s great because I live near the Western Line and over the last 6 months or so I can count on one hand the number of >5mins delays and cancellations that have impacted on me.

  2. Doloras says:

    This would be because they’ve finished the work on the Western Line, more or less. So the other lines will catch up, touch wood.

  3. Matt L says:

    James thats lucky, my western line train is almost always more than 5 mins late each morning with it often close to 10 minutes late. Today it was only 2 minutes late which is the best result for weeks.

  4. Owen Thompson says:

    Five minutes late is not on time!

  5. David C says:

    I have recently started using the train from Newmarket to Britomart on a daily basis. My experience is that every morning, at Newmarket, trains are late due to unspecified ‘operational issues’. Yesterday, just for a change, there were 3 trains sat in Newmarket station, all bound for Britomart. (Obviously, the one I boarded left last)

  6. Karl says:

    Currently, I am taking a tally of my train travels for the month of april to see how they fit in reality with the statistics that are published. So far, each train in the evening has been on time (within 3 minutes leaving Britomart) however, the morning commute has not faired so well so far. I will update Jon with a table once April has finished.


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