Anthony’s Perth Trip Report

Here’s Anthony’s report from Perth. Thanks Anthony - sounds like you had a good time. The shared space areas are exactly the sort of  interesting areas I moaned about earlier in the week that Auckland is now lacking in the streets off Queen St.

“As you can see there are a lot of shared space areas in inner Perth and massive stations throughout the city, but there not much people in some, this is due to the fact it was Good Friday.

However the trains still run every half hour at its furthermost stations and the Perth Underground station was still packed.

I tried to take a photo of the main station but got told by my sister not to be so embarrssing taking heaps of photos of a train station,

Unlike the surly mangers and security staff I met in Wellington, the staff in Perth are very smiley and helpful and gave directions to the surrounding areas and asked if we were from NZ as he knew the accent. 

Perth uses an entirely integrated electronic system for ticketing and all electronic boards are very accurate, and the two main stations, Perth Underground and Perth Main, leads out to an entire inner city block of shared space and pedestrian malls, with some having a lot of character including London Court, which you’ll see in the picture, 

It has sweet stores, antique shops and lots of little English cafes. dispite most being shared streets e.g Hay Street Cars never travel through here because it is usually packed with shoppers.”




  1. Carl says:

    if you lived here, (like I do) I can tell you its not as rosey as you all think.

    awesome intergrated ticketing service, but that is where the awesomeness stops.

  2. Anthony says:

    All cities have its downsides Carl,
    my downside of Perth is the food, the traffic and the easiness of getting lost (thank god for our GPS!!)


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