Wellington On Ramp Closes Sunday


A reminder that the Wellington St on ramp closes Sunday night for seven months.

The existing on ramp will be demolished and a new one built. The Victoria Park tunnel entrance and lanes on the southern approach to the tunnel will also be completed.

When the on ramp reopens in November, two of the tunnel’s three lanes will also be available for drivers - three months earlier than planned. The entire Victoria Park Tunnel project - Including opening the third lane through the tunnel, reconfiguring the existing Victoria Park viaduct for four lanes of southbound traffic, and widening State Highway 1 through St Marys Bay - will be completed in March next year, two months ahead of schedule.

Closing Wellington Street will especially affect commuters from the North Shore and Rodney areas leaving the CBD during the afternoon peak, and residents from nearby Ponsonby and Freemans Bay who use the on ramp to access the Northern Motorway.

The critical time for the CBD road network will be between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays. Drivers are being encouraged to use the northbound Port Link on State Highway 16 up Grafton Gully for a quicker exit from the central city.

Changes will be made to traffic light phases to assist traffic flows. Changes will also be made to light phases on streets leading to the Fanshawe Street on ramp west of the CBD to ensure it can cope with additional traffic.

These include removing the right-turns from Beaumont Street to Fanshawe Street.







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