Greenlane Explained


UPDATE: A KiwiRail spokesperson replies:
It appears there was a bit of miscommunication early on Monday around services resuming at Greenlane station. I understand KiwiRail had rectified this by 8am and Veolia had staff at the station from around 6.30am to arrange alternative transport for affected passengers for those earlier services that didn’t stop at the station.
Meanwhile the platform extension work is progressing well at both Greenlane and Remuera Stations.
UPDATES: Greenlane was supposed to have re-opened today but commuters report it wasn’t. There is nothing on either Maxx’s or Veolia’s websites (the latter still has Easter disruptions on its home page) to say otherwise. And the opening of the 4th lane of the motorway at Newmarket has been delayed because of the weather affecting final roadworks.
Greenlane train station has been closed for several weeks for platform extension work.

But judging by the way it looks this morning, there is still work to be done even though the platforms are looking better for longer trains to berth.

And in the Newmarket-Greenlane area on the adjacent motorway, from tomorrow morning the fourth southbound lane will extend from the city to Greenlane.

The opening of the fourth lane marks the completion of Stage 1 of the NZTA’s $215M Newmarket Connection: Viaduct Replacement Project.




  1. Carl says:

    any form of decent shelter?

  2. Jon C says:

    @Carl Shelters havent improved - as shown in photos above. Very old school.

  3. Matt L says:

    I think they are just focusing on getting the platforms lengthened asap so they can handle longer trains first then will go back later and upgrade the shelters/platform facilities.

  4. rtc says:

    The whole station will be upgraded by 2012, they are supposed to start the design phase by June this year with contracts let towards the end. Currently they are just extending the platforms to allow longer trains to run to try and deal with the chronic overcrowding on the Eastern and Southern lines.

  5. Carl says:

    thanks for the info guys.

    although i do bang on about it, why not just do it all at once….


  6. Jarrod says:

    Is there any chance they will be turning the spare land on the Greenlane side into a car park for park and ride??

  7. jimmy says:

    Apparently they were running behind schedule, but the station re-opened about mid-morning today.


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