Manukau: So Close, So Far


The rail tracks have been laid inside the new 300m Manukau rail trench and once a bit of familiar station furniture is added, you could imagine the station operating. There are stairs. Escalators come later.



Of course, drivers need to get to grips with the new station and line so importantly, driver training is also needed. That contributed to the decision last week to delay the July opening until February next year - when other improvements will come in such as a new timetable bringing 10 minute services on the Western Line and expected weekend timetable improvements.

Still it’s good to see the station now has track - although a second track and a bit of connecting up needs to be done leading into the trench area.

And ground work continues outside the trench where the new Manukau tech buildings are being developed above the station.




  1. Jarrod says:

    It’s a shame it has been delayed. But at least it is happening.

  2. Doloras says:

    Good to see that the urban myth that the asphalt was put on the trackbed by accident has been disproved. :)

  3. Sooty says:

    You have to be kidding me! Driver training for what?.
    It sure won’t be train handling skills, theres no grades, and only a very limited number of signals,


  4. Luke says:

    every driver in the region still needs to run over that section of track before they do it with passengers aboard. That will take a while.


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