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Auckland commuters can't charge their laltop




  1. Anthony says:

    I guess theres nothing much to say except that you spelt laptop wrong. (yes im being a spelling wh*re)

    Although School kids will be using the Public Transport system again tommorow so watch out! :)

  2. Scott says:

    Think I saw a Green Kawasaki get stolen from outside uni today. Two people in fluro vests had it sitting in the tray of a white flat-deck truck (on its side). They then closed the tailgate and took off in a real hurry. Its possible they owned the bike but it looked shady as. I phoned the police but have no idea if they had any luck finding it.

    If it was a theft its shocking how brazen it was, lots of people around. Perhaps rails are needed behind motorbike parks to allow them to be locked down.

  3. Jon C says:

    @Scott Very disturbing & these things happen so fast too.
    A sad item from the police: Police are in attendance at Kepa Road, Orakei after a 2 year old child was hit by a car while she was crossing the road. The incident happened just after 7 pm.

    Kepa Road is closed while the Serious Crash Unit investigate the scene.

    The driver stopped at the scene and is assisting police with their enquiries.

    The child is in critical condition at Auckland Hospital.

  4. DanC says:

    On my mind? Why has Joyce so focused on roading?

  5. Owen Thompson says:

    Scott, could be repo men. The owner, hopefully, would have enough brains out to lay it down.

  6. Jon C says:

    Advisory from the police:
    Police at Auckland City at investigating a serious road crash at Orakei Auckland.

    Shortly before 9am this morning police were told of a collision between a Motorcycle and a Bus at intersection of Kepa road and Tamaki Drive.

    The Motorcyclist is a Male and is in a serious condition.

    Serious crash investigators are investigating the cause of the collision.

  7. Scott says:

    Owen, It’s possible it was. However the style of the truck was more “construction type” than you would expect from professionals. As you probability know normally when transporting motorbikes you stand them up and use tie downs to prevent them from tipping over. This was just put, on its side, on the flat deck. this means that body damage is very likely. The trucks exit was also un-usually fast.

  8. Kiran says:

    It took the 966 (Newmarket to Beachaven) one hour to get from Grafton to the Harbour Bridge tonight, so i missed the 955 transfer and had no idea when the next 1 was due as there was no electronic signage or bus stop no which i could txt to MAXX. I decided to call home to get picked up. Oh and on the way the bus had a slight collision with a cyclist.

  9. Jon C says:

    @Kiran Thats not good. Is the cyclist OK? What happened.

  10. anthony says:

    Well i heard that there is a gridlock from people panicing after the tornado hit in Albany.

  11. AKT says:

    Is it ticket collection day at Brit today?

  12. Matt L says:

    AKT - Yes, on my train this morning we had the TM making announcements every second stop saying it was on.

  13. AKT says:

    3pm Police and Emergency services are at the scene of a serious crash involving a bus and a motor vehicle in Glen Eden.

    Withers Road in Kaurilands is currently blocked between Kashmir Drive and north to Kaurilands Road.

    Diversions have been put in place. No further information is available at the moment.

  14. Jon C says:

    The Southern Motorway between Greenlane and the Ellerslie Panmure Highway is blocked by a five car crash.

  15. Jon C says:

    Southbound on Southern Motorway now reopened after crash . 6 vehicles including two trucks. 2 people injured

  16. Luke says:

    Phil Goff announces policy of axing holiday highway! http://www.labour.org.nz/news/speech-owning-our-future

    “Part of the solution will be axing projects and programmes that we don’t think are priorities to free up cash for more important areas. The Puhoi to Wellsford holiday highway and the missile system for our frigates are examples.”

  17. urbanlocal says:

    Was told that I must sit with my bike on the train rather than where I was about 6m away. Checked the condtions of carriage and could’nt find this specified.
    Can they ask me to do this? The bike was stored safely so that it couldn’t fall over.

  18. Owen Thompson says:

    Don’t be a prick & just help the staff by doing what they ask you.

  19. urbanlocal says:

    Careful Mr Thompson.
    I wasn’t being a ‘prick’. In fact I did sit with my bike.

  20. urbanlocal says:

    My train and others cancelled from Morningside heading west. Announcement cited accident at Avondale. No replacement buses offered at the time.

  21. Ian says:

    No train, no text message alert, no replacement bus this morning. A dismal start to Monday

  22. Jon C says:

    Sorry I noticed some genuine comments in the spam folder amid the crazy Russian and Chinese spam.
    If you notice your comment never published feel free to ask.

  23. terry says:

    after only going one stage on a 5 stage ticket due to the death at avondale on mon no refund had to catch bus . Tue train cancelled . Late two days in a row.
    Trains sux and if you saw in the western leader someone did a study
    From new lynn to town
    1st was the cyclist
    2nd the car
    3rd the bus
    Last the train
    and len brown wants to put up our rates because we are doubled tracked better when it wasnt
    or put in a bus highway like the north shore
    Im gonna drive when i finish my 10 ride ticket , ill get to work on time, it will only take 20mins instead of 1hr and cost me $5.00 for petrol to and from. $6.00 parking hey im saving $1.50 and less headaches.

  24. AKT says:

    Sorry you may find the RSS feed broken.

  25. Rageaholic says:

    Wow, I just have to have a whinge about my public transport experience today! I do not drive and am a seasoned public transport user, and because I am carfree by choice, I am usually willing to put up with a lot of crap because I know that I have chosen PT to be my primary method of transport. But…..
    I had to go from Mt Eden to Ranui and home again today. Srarted by attempted to use the journey planner on Maxx, the first trip it recommended leaving the house at 9.30am to get there at 3.30pm (it was about 12.30 already when I checked this), and the rest involved a convoluted combination of long walks and many buses, when I know I should just be able to go from Sandringham Rd to New Lynn, then on another bus to Ranui. (There are no trains past Henderson on Sundays of course, otherwise Kingsland to Ranui would be easy-peasy!) I looked at the western timetable and saw that the bus goes to Ranui from New lynn 20 past every hour, so figured I would just go to Sandringham Rd and grab a bus to New Lynn. So I went near Eden Park (but not the main eden Park bus stop, I didn’t realise there was a good one and a bad one) and there was no sign at the stop telling me when the next bus would be, and there was no bus stop number anywhere to use to find out. 30 minute wait for a bus - outside Eden Park on a major bus route. Because Sunday!
    I got to New Lynn just past 3 so was expecting about 15 minute wait, but the sign said it was a 29 minute wait. This is the first time I have been to the New Lynn Transport Centre since the upgrade, and was shocked. There were no people there, and all the seedy interesting shops were gone. There was no where to go to get a coffee or even a dairy to grab a drink while I wait. No surprise that the place was deserted since there are no services or facilities! Even the loo was out of order!
    Finally, I got to my destination after 4. I left my house at about 2.
    When I left, I used Google map’s directions on my phone to find out when the next bus is - it said 5.45. It was wrong - when I got to the bus stop, there was a time table there that said the next once wasn’t until 6.25. It arrived at 6.35, so I waited nearly an hour in the cold & dark (fortunately someone else had made the same mistake - maybe it’s just not google with the wrong bus times? - and I had a friendly chat with him to pass the time).
    I took the 136 all the way into town to avoid transferring at New Lynn since I figured there would be no Sandringham bus to transfer to, and when I got to Symonds St I saw I would have to wait 17minutes for a Mt Eden bus. I walked home rather than wait anymore. I got home at 8.
    Why is Maxx so difficult to use, even to someone who is used to using it all the time? Where is google getting it’s bus times from? Why are all of the buses always late? And most of all: Why is the service so shitty on Sunday??? No trains past Henderson. Sandringham Rd buses only every half hour. Ranui Buses only once an hour. Some of us like to go out and do stuff on Sunday! Instead I spent my entire Sunday sitting in bus stops.

  26. Rageaholic says:

    Oops, that was a huge comment! Apologies for the wall of words!

  27. AKT says:

    Good on you for having a rant!

  28. Matt L says:

    I live close to Sturges Rd station and not having trains past Henderson on Sundays is just stupid, AT seems to treat us like we don’t exist or that we wouldn’t want to leave the house.

  29. Pixie says:

    I live out in Henderson too, and it drives me slightly crazy that I can’t go from Sunnyvale to visit my friends at the Oratia or Ranui stations, they are just up the road and my car isn’t working, til I get a WOF (I am a poor student!). I think there should be more daytime trains on the weekend because people like to move around and visit people! It makes me feel really isolated - and we are living in a Super City (haha) afterall, so shouldn’t we all be able to see fellow Jafa’s on any day???

  30. Footplate says:

    All the mayor’s talk about the loop taking cars off the road is nonsense. Park and ride is frustrated through the lack of parks. Try finding a space at Orakei station after 0800, for example! And the all-dayers parked in the short-term parks get away with it. The station needs a parking building, not apartment blocks. Auckland Council - shame on you!
    By the way, when is the St Johns station going to be confirmed?

  31. Nuki says:

    My pet hate is people playing their shitty gangster rap out loud on their phones on public transport. The conductors and drivers do nothing, and I don’t want to get beaten up so I don’t want to say anything. It says ‘no loud music’ on the sign so what are my rights?


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