April PT Up- Longer Trains Coming


Auckland’s April public transport patronage continued the climb upwards.
5.31m trips were made on the various public transport modes in April -which is a 3.9% increase on April last year.
For the 12 months to the end of April, patronage was up 8 per cent on the previous year to 64.78m.
To help cope, longer trains are being added. From mid-July trains will use 5 and 6 carriages on the Southern line once platform extensions at stations like Greenlane and Remuera are completed.

  • Rail patronage has recorded 9.5m trips for the last 12 months - an increase of 14.2% on the last 12 months.
  • Rail in April saw a 12.7% increase on April last year. There were 821,363 trips.
  • On the Western Line, in April numbers were 296,002 a 16.7% increase
  • On the Southern and Eastern Line April numbers were 471,158 , affected slightly by the Greenlane closure and pre-electrification works - it was down 0.8%
  • On the Onehunga Line in April,patronage was 54,123.
  • Northern Express bus numbers for the 12 months to the end of April topped 2m.
  • In April, there were 172,187 trips on Northern Express services - an increase of 9.6% on April last year.
  • Total bus patronage was 50.5m. Apart from the Northern Express numbers, other bus patronage was 48.55m during the past 12 months - that is up 7%.
  • Ferry patronage for the last 12 months to the end of April was up 4.3% - total was 4.71m.


  1. George D says:

    Long trains! Awesome!

    There may be some passenger education needed - passengers may not initially know where to stand, leading to overcrowded front, rear, or central carriages. That changes over time, but standing way down the platform is initially counterintuitive to those unfamiliar with long trains.

  2. ingolfson says:

    I don’t know, but that should take something like a week or two max to solve itself, wouldn’t it?

  3. Paul in Sydney says:

    Where are the extra carriages coming from?

    Is there stash of MKII carriages still around and do they need upgrading.

    Was it Mainline Steam or Steam Inc that had MKII’s

    Does Tranz Rail have carriages (56′ footers) about as back up, I’m sure you can’t just stick one of those in with the MKII’s

  4. Matt L says:

    Paul - there are 4 extra MkII’s that have been refurbished into SA carriages that were meant to be used for 6 car sets, they have been sitting around at Otahuhu for ages gathering dust because funding and long enough platforms weren’t available to put them into service. There is also an extra SX carriage that can be added to the existing set. That is then it till the electrics start in 2014.

  5. Paul says:

    rumour has it the 6 cars are going… too many problems with the DFT/B’s.

    My guess is you’ll probably find the SX will have the extra car added and all 4 car sets +1 to 5. With the arrival of the DL’s it will free up more DC’s to be used for passengers


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