Grim Impact Of Govt Funding


Auckland Transport is warning of the impact of Government reduction in PT funding at a time services in Auckland are strained because of growing PT use.

The Government plans a reduction of $69m nationally - a 33% reduction and around a $57m reduction for Auckland between the existing and proposed 3 year allocation.

The Government’s proposed reduced allocations, it says “pose a real risk to realising the benefits of the increased PT services allocation.”

Auckland Transport says an increase in public transport services funding is essential to enable expansion to meet the growing demands which are placing the services under pressure.

It says as most of the rail stations have been upgraded in the current period, the reduction will fall redominately on bus priority measures on arterial roads such as AMETI and Dominion Rd.

“It is important to note that pressure on the transport system is likely to be particularly severe in 2013-4 as at the time both electrification including new rolling stock and the Waterview project will NOT have been completed.

“This will make it more imperative than ever for AT to progress its partnership with NZTA to optimise traffic signals nd roll out its bus and ferry service improvements.”

At the time it argues that AT believes a “well connected strategic roading network is a fundamental cornerstone of a strong Auckland economy particularly the completion of the SH20 Waterview which is he last critical gap in the strategic road network.”

DOMINION RD: On hold because of funding?

While the allocation to state highways is supported, AT expressed concern that the reduction in funding new and improved local road infrastructure would reduce AT’s ability to improve the local regional arterial network both to meet rising travel needs of a growing population but also the full benefits of a completed strategic road network.

“We recommend that when the national funding allocations are regionaised that the important role of Auckland’s regional arterials are recognised through a higher growth rate in funding allocation to local road infrastructure.”

This would also “free up our congested motorways and arterials for freight and commercial trips that are vital to the economy and can not sue public transport.”

A document to the board from AT’s head of strategy and planning says the bulk of PT travel is on bus and unless sufficient resources are available to provide for increased bus priorities, the benefits of an increase in PT services will not be realised if bus services are delayed on congested local roads.

Funding for new and improved infrastructure for state highways is planned to go up by 8% which is at least $241 from the current GPS for the country and around $103m for Auckland. Much of it for Waterview.

Funding for local road improvements has been reduced from current to proposed allocations by 21% nationally -$39m less for Auckland.

Funding is down by 5% for road maintenance and 7% for renewals “which will put severe pressure on maintaining levels of service for Auckland roads and if not managed could result in a reduction in the value of the asset and in safety.”

“There has been a large increase in funding for PT services. Nationally the difference between the last GPS and the current engagement document indicates an increase of $171m or $28m.

“Based on the previous GPS the increase in funding for Auckland would be around $95m for 2012-2015.

“The increase is to provide for Metro rail in Auckland and Wellington. The increase will fund the higher rail track access charges of $27.7m and the lease of the new EMU rolling stock $45.6m. After these costs are considered the net change is $19.7m.”

The GPS is issued by the Transport Minister every 3 years and outlines the land transport outcomes and priorities the Government expects to be realised through its investment through the National Land Transport Fund.

Caution must be used with the Auckland tables as these figures are based on past spend levels, future spend may not follow past trends.This spread sheet compares the April 2011 GPS Engagement document with the “Expected”expenditure in Auckland based on NLTP figures in the August 2009 NLTP (2009-12) Auckland document.Column 1 is calculated from the total of the activity class in Table for 2009 - 12 NLTP.Column 2 is from table 2 of the August 2009 NLTP Auckland.Column 3 is 2/1.Column 4 indicated higher & lower bands + average + expected spend. Expected Spend is calculated by multiplying the average with the percentage increase or decrease in Column 1Column 5 is Possible for Auckland funding calculated by using the same percentage as in column 3




  1. James says:

    Ridiculous. Is any other developed country in the world decreasing spending on public transport (which is already poorly funded), and building motorways?


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