Ulmer To Promote Cycle Trail


The Government has appointed Olympic Gold medallist Sarah Ulmer as ambassador for the New Zealand Cycle Trail project.

Prime Minister John Key made the announcement at a tourism conference this morning.

He said that Sarah Ulmer’s sporting achievements and her passion for cycling, fitness and health make her an inspiring ambassador for the Cycle Trail.

“We already have one Great Ride open - the St James Cycle Trail - and 17 others are due to be opened in the near future. It is important to build the Cycle Trail brand to a point where both domestic and international visitors feel inspired to experience these Great Rides,” says Mr Key.

SARAH ULMER: Excited about promoting the cycle trail

Sarah, who was the first New Zealander to win an Olympic cycling gold when she won the women’s individual pursuit in Athens in 2004, says the trail offers a wonderful range of cycling experiences for visitors to enjoy.

“Supporting this project brings together my own passion for cycling with my strong desire to encourage people from all walks of like to get out, get active and explore the outstanding range of cycling.”


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  1. George D says:


  2. Ingolfson says:

    Good one - not so much because I care about publicity campaigns, but because it shows that they aren’t going to drop the ball on this one, but continue to work and improve the trails.

    Had hoped the budget might have included an infusion of some new funds, but sadly not. By next year, the initial $50 million would likely be mostly gone.


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