ChCh Shows The Way


Good to see Auckland City not missing an opportunity in its advertising its plan at train stations - and notice it is now called the Inner City Rail Link. The other day it was called the Auckland Rail Tunnel aka the Auckland Rail Link aka (as Greens prefer) CBD rail loop.

Christchurch is doing something wonderful I wish Auckland City would do.
On a site asking for ideas about the down but not out battered city, it asks for twitter-length ideas about transport with the question: If there were fewer cars in the Central City, how would you travel around?
And so far, thousands have got the “right” answer! The emerging themes from the 40,000 ideas Greater Christchurch residents have shared for the redevelopment of the Central City are:

  • Fewer cars in the Central City
  • Greater use of the Avon corridor as a pedestrian/cycle route
  • Integration of the tram into the public transport network

The ideas are being read by the Council and considered by the team working on the draft Central City plan, During the next four weeks the emerging themes will be further explored online and at public workshops.

Mayor Bob Parker is a big advocate for light rail and fewer cars in the city.

In the wake of the quake, it’s a chance of getting transport right for the future in the CBD.
It would great to have the Auckland Council canvas views just on this issue in relation to the inner city possibilities.




  1. Anthony says:

    Fantstic isn’t it? It is an exciting project, dispite the CBD still being corndoned off and aftershocks continuing to rumble underneath the city, im sure many people are looking forwards to a newer, better Christchurch.

  2. James says:

    The Christchurch CBD in 5 years is going to be awesome I reckon. Will be tempting to move back down there just for the possible transport system that may come out of this

  3. Chris says:

    Fantastic? Hold on, they haven’t done anything yet. Auckland’s promises are just as good but they just don’t materialize. I guess the earthquakes has made Christchurch council more open to better PT.

    The ‘share an idea’ site is fantastic: attractive and easy to use. Really should have a similar site for Auckland. There would be great ideas for wharf uses and Queen street pedestrianisation, among many other topics.

  4. rtc says:

    I’m guessing ChCh’s budget is pretty constrained and I don’t think Joyce will be opening his wallet for an tram extensions.

  5. Matt says:

    All this optimism, but all I can see is a headline for The Press:

    Local hopes dashed by National government.

  6. Ingolfson says:

    Matt, presumably at least the planning rules can be written so as to support such improved transport arrangements. Bit like planning for the CBD tunnel - National is going to oppose it, but that doesn’t mean that all work has to stop to suit their particular ideology.


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