Mt Albert Upgrade Soon


Work is starting on revitalising the tired looking Mt Albert train station which will get a $4.8m upgrade later this year.
Auckland Transport confirms it has already briefed architects to start looking at a way to achieve those better facilities.

The old Auckland City Council had begun looking at a revamped train station but as part of a revitalised town centre.
That plan included a transport interchange involving the train station and buses on the busy New North Rd. But it said that interchange won’t happen for at least 10 years and in fact there are 2 dates given – by 2030 and 2050! It included buying the carpark next to the large Video Ezy store so that an entrance could be provided to the station from New North Rd.

The new local board had asked the present Council about a budget item it noticed for $294,000 for capex as part of improvements to the town centre. The Council says this is for the detailed design work around the station and it did not envisage the town centre renewal would proceed beyond the train station work “at this stage.”
Under the Council’s plan there was budget of $1.4m in the 2012/13 financial year for the actual train station work and a further $2m in 2013/14.
But it says Auckland Transport is now the agency for it and thankfully AT has brought things forward to make at least the station upgrade happen.

An ex-supermarket now video store hides access and view of the train station

The ideas of Unitec student Brendan Scott-Woods who won a Mt Albert urban design contest are being considered.
He suggested a public plaza built over the station, new park and bus lanes along New North Rd and moving the St Lukes library to the area.

Brendan's plan

More of his designs here:

Auckland Transport confirm construction will commence late this year on the station upgrade and it will be finished about this time next year,




  1. rtc says:

    Great news, Mt Albert is really a lost opportunity at the moment, it’s in a great location but as you say hidden away and unappealing - it has great potential for much better connections into the town and also as suggested because it is in a tench provides the possibility to build a plaza on top. Grafton in that respect provides some nice pointers, cleverly using the space above the station to create a much better bus train connection and waiting area. Look forward to seeing the plans for this one.

  2. Patrick R says:

    Great news, here’s hoping that the bigger picture can be worked towards with this funding, Mt Albert is a sitter for renewal… so much potential…

  3. Andrew says:

    *getting nostalgic*

    I remember when Mt Albert was one of the first stations to get lights…

  4. Commuter says:

    *feeling ancient*

    Not only do I remember the Carrington Road overbridge going up but also the construction of the now demolished brick railway station building!

  5. Owen Thompson says:

    Vaguely what years, Andrew & Commuter?

  6. Mark says:

    There needs to be some creative thinking around this. It may not just come down to a ratepayers cost, as there are chances to do land swaps, and also sell/lease above road and above rail air-rights.

    As a suburb and station this has huge potential. Unitec will expand, and there are good opportunities to link east/west bus routes into rail.

    Hopefully AT see the potential

  7. Commuter says:

    From vague recollection, 1964 and 1970, respectively; I was quite young!

  8. ingolfson says:

    Mark, I think this will be a somewhat smaller exercise.

    However, as you say, there’s no reason to not see the potential. If they were clever, what they would do with their smaller budget is, I suggest, start with improved shelters, then replacement of the southern “tunnel and wire fences” access arrangements with a nice overbridge (also useable to get easily across the rail line, rather than just into the station - thus getting a better informal safety with more people around), and finally, maybe widen the northern overbridge with a pedestrian clip-on on the southern side. If they can find the space and money, add some things like green walls around the place so as to discourage graffiti.

    Then, while they do those works, they could ensure foundations for a later plaza covering are prepared / kept free, so one can cover it a less cost later.

  9. Andy says:

    Sounds great. Build the plaza right over the station and track and give it a modern subway station type feel too!

  10. Andrew says:

    @Owen Thompson: I can’t remember if Mt Albert got its lights around 1997-1998 with the high platform lengthening from 2 to 4 cars, or if it was around 2000-2001 when they were preparing to run “late” trains past 6:15pm. I think it was the latter.

  11. Nick says:

    Wow, this is great news! Thanks for taking the time to maintain a blog on such an important topic.

    After 7 years in Tokyo it’s a little frustrating to see how Auckland’s rail system is just an afterthought compared to the legion of roads and motorways. Little bits of news like this are rays of sunshine!

    We’ve just bought a place in Asquith Ave, just down the road from Mt Albert (closer to Baldwin) so I look forward to checking out the improvements.

  12. Footplate says:

    Sod Mt Albert! It’s time there was a station serving St Johns/Kohimarama!

  13. . says:

    Still Waiting……
    Any one have an update for this?

  14. Craig Magee says:

    “The Community consultation open day held on Saturday for the Mount Albert Train Station upgrade was a great success. It was fantastic to see so many people from Mt Albert calling in to give there feedback and time to assist this important redevelopment for Mt Albert. Some of the feedback and ideas have been very helpful an we are hoping to implement many of them into the design. The plans and model are still at Ray White in the foyer so please drop in and have a look over the next two weeks. Many thanks to Ray White for giving up there space for us to use for most of the day and thanks to teh team at Auckland transport for giving up thier Saturday for us.”

  15. Craig Magee says:

    “Mt Albert train station is getting an upgrade

    Auckland Transport is upgrading Mt Albert train station to improve the functionality of the station, modernise existing platform amenities and to meet future patronage growth.

    The upgrade will also improve station access from a variety of directions, develop Mount Albert into a significant transport hub where passengers can easily transfer between trains and buses and link the rail station with the proposed town centre upgrade. “


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