Kingsland Gets Shelter


Another $2.1m is to be spent at Kingsland station to keep RWC2011 fans away from the rain.

Construction is starting to place canopies along exposed areas of the station.

The canopies will be 36 metres long on each platform at the western end of the station and 18m at the city end. The existing shelters are approx. 12 m long on each platform.

Artist impression.

The canopies will be a similar style to those used on the pedestrian bridge across the southern motorway to Ellerslie Station and outside Auckland Airport.

The new ones are considered more open and suited to large crowds.
Auckland Transport says the existing shelters at Kingsland will be upgraded to the same style as these new ones after Rugby World Cup.
There are no plans to roll these out to the rest of the network, as the style is suited for large crowds.
There will be guttering front and back, with downpipes, drainage etc at the back.

Crowds presently tend to gather at one section of the platform around the existing shelters, but the new shelters mean they’ll be spread more evenly, according to Auckland Transport.

Other shelters will be upgraded to the same style after RWC 2011, which is more open and suited to large crowds.

Auckland Council projects opening before the RWC include:

  • Opening of North Wharf, a new waterfront entertainment area on Wynyard Quarter
  • The opening of the Wynyard Crossing, an opening bridge spanning the Viaduct Harbour, making it easier for people to get around the waterfront environment
  • Opening of the Viaduct Events Centre, increasing visitor numbers to the waterfront and providing more options for conferences and conventions post-Rugby World Cup

Like at all stations, in the rain you get wet soon at Kingsland after you exit the train.




  1. kris_b says:

    Anyone totalled up just how much money is being poured into Kingsland station?

  2. greenwelly says:

    …and there is a gaping gap between the two shelters on the side of the track furthest from the viewer why???

    I mean when is the last time you saw a shelter with a hole in the middle, come on Auckland, the station infrastructure is finally looking like something at least of the current century, don’t go and f*** it up with half assed efforts like this.

  3. rtc says:

    I understand the plan to roll these shelters out around the whole network after the RWC.

  4. Kurt says:

    What about seating?

  5. Ingolfson says:

    Greenwelly, that could be the overbridge, or the existing shelter being retained. Not everything is a conspiracy or a screw-up!

  6. Ingolfson says:

    “What about seating?”

    Uhmm, the 3D image SHOWS some new seating?

    Also, for a high-capacity station like this, which is designed to quickly shuttle in and away large crowds, too much seating can reduce platform space and hinder boarding / disembarking.

  7. Mark says:

    hopefully this will help - at the moment they take off the side panels for the Super 15 season! so normal users get rain/wind coming in……

  8. Scott says:

    Anybody know if the design includes guttering? I cant see any down-pipes on the render.

  9. Luke says:

    should have these at more stations. Whats the point of a little bus stop shelter in the middle of a long platform when people have to brave the elements to get there.

  10. George D says:

    Is this good station design or not? I don’t know. It is however an improvement, and I’ll be thankful for that.

  11. Simon says:

    @krisb. Exactly. If a new stadium had been built downtown/Parnell (My preference was for Carlaw park area) we wouldn`t had to spend this money because Britomart would have been the station and loads of people staying in the city would have been able to walk to the stadium anyway. Then this money could`ve been used for other puposes. And Eden park is still a pig of a stadium compared with first world international football stadiums.

  12. AKT says:

    @rtc There are no plans to roll these out to the rest of the network, as the style is suited for large crowds.
    @ Scott yes There will be guttering front and back, with downpipes, drainage etc at the back.

  13. Scott says:

    Thanks AKT, Im happy about that, it would be quite nasty in the rain with water dripping off the front and back.

  14. rtc says:

    @AKT - I have read, will have to find the original council meeting, that stated that this WILL be rolled out across all stations and Kingsland is simply the first to be done.

  15. AKT says:

    @rtc Auckland Transport say that is news to them and they hold the money strings.

  16. Robincole says:

    $2.1 million for a couple of shelters,what a rip off! Had a similar, much smaller one built a few years ago cost $1200.

  17. Giel says:

    Agree with Robincole A complete ripoff in terms of cost! For $2 million I would expect more than that. If it was my money I certainly would expect better value for money. You could build a mansion for that with first class fittings. Can someone explain why these things cost só much and not some BS about it being a working rail corridor. With costs like that it begs a lot of financial stewardship questions.

  18. Rob M says:

    What is the story with putting proper covers on all platforms of the stations on Auckland’s suburban rail network? I agree with Luke that the current ‘bus shelter’ style prevalent on the majority of the refurbished stations is not ‘customer friendly’ at all. Perhaps the canvas tent-style covering used on the access way to the Ellerslie staion might be the solution to cover the exposed areas of platform at stations. Furthermore, now that the HOP card is being rolled out, is there any plan to install automatic ticket gates at stations and have stations closed off after hours as is the case overseas?


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