What Kingsland Canopies Look Like


Here is an artist’s impression giving an idea of what the Kingsland train station’s canopies will look like.
Since AKT mentioned another $2.1m is to be spent at Kingsland station to keep RWC2011 fans away from the rain, there has been considerable interest in it so here are more 3D images from Auckland Transport.

The canopies will be 36 metres long on each platform at the western end of the station and 18m at the city end. The existing shelters are approx. 12 m long on each platform.

The canopies will be a similar style to those used on the pedestrian bridge across the southern motorway to Ellerslie Station and outside Auckland Airport.

Ellerslie's rail entranceway

The new ones are considered more open and suited to large crowds.





  1. Alex says:

    So we’re paying $18’500 per metre for some metal tubing, canvas cover, and labour?

    Someone’s making a serious profit there.

  2. Bobby says:

    Was expecting something innovative and Kiwi proud, and saw this baseline solution (possibly without enough quotes assessed). So sad.

  3. LarryH says:

    The roof on the south side of the line looks like it would be good for keeping only the sun off. Without sides there is not much shelter from the rain.

    I suppose that they are hoping that the back row of passengers will keep all those in front of them dry.

  4. Nick says:

    Good call Alex. You hope when they get round to doing the other stations that they will bulk buy, and it won’t cost 2.1 mil for each one.

  5. karl says:

    LarryH, it’s not going to rain during the RWC. Nobody approved any rain to happen, okay ;-)

  6. Carl says:

    2.1 mill for that piece of crap?

    agree with other comments, nothing great there.

    hows about do something different, or use different materials.

    honestly it looks really really boring.

  7. Geoff says:

    The Ellerslie covers are fibreglass, not canvass.

  8. Karl says:

    @Geoff - and they are holding up surprisingly well. Still, seems pricey, as noted by other commenters.

  9. richard says:

    Hope the Rugby Union are going to pay for these

  10. Carl says:

    why would the rugby union pay for them?

    League and Cricket are played there and loads of corporate functions are also held in different parts?

    are they going to pay for it too?

  11. AnotherKarl says:

    Carl, presumably suggesting the rugby union stump up is due to the flurry of activity in the area spurred on by the RWC, and the Blues being Eden Park’s flagship client.

    But I agree with you, so pro rata it is then.

    The heaviest weighting would inevitably rest with local commuters and ratepayers, but the extra costs incurred by having to meet the RWC deadline can be paid for by the sport’s various administrative bodies.

    If the RWC declares a loss the NZRU will wear a portion, and some is better than none. Taxpayers nationwide may foot the rest, thanks to Govt underwriting, but that shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it’s a ‘Stadium of Four Million’ isn’t it? *cough*

  12. KarlHansen says:

    Rugby cannot even pay back their RWC loans / costs. Auckland Council is guaranteeing a big chunk of these loans, and we will be stuck with many millions of ratepayer money to bail them out of it.


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