Crossover Key In Weekend Work


More train disruption this weekend -and a key part of the work will be building a new crossover between tracks at Morningside Station.

This will allow trains to leave from both platforms after games during Rugby World Cup 2011. Morningside is the game day station for people travelling from and to the west.

Other works include general track maintenance and continuing to extend rail platforms on the Southern Line.

Buses replace trains for the:

Southern Line service : Otahuhu to Papakura

Western Line services: Waitakere to Newmarket

Eastern Line services: Otahuhu to Papakura

Rail buses will be running.

Normal commuter services on Friday night are also disrupted because of the Blues Highlanders clash at Eden Park.

Regular Western LineĀ  services are replaced by buses between 8pm and about 11pm.

Those with Blues tickets will find extra services will run from 4.30pm to Kingsland from Britomart, in addition to normal timetabled services every 15 minutes on the Western Line. The special event services stop only at Grafton Station before terminating at Kingsland.

An additional game day service along the southern line from Papakura at 6.08pm will go direct from Newmarket to Kingsland.

Southern and eastern lines passengers are advised to use normal scheduled services to Britomart and then catch a special event train to Kingsland.




  1. Andrew J says:

    Not quite correct in saying only the Onehunga line is running, Trains are also running between Otahuhu and Town via both routes.

  2. AKT says:

    @Andrew J Thanks have clarified.


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