Matangi Faulty


All five new Matangi trains that have been introduced on the Wellington commuter run so far have been withdrawn from service after an electrical fault was discovered.

The trains were due to be running from late November last year but so far only the five are in operation.

Fran Wilde, Chair of Greater Wellington Regional Council says the fault was found when a routine maintenance check was being carried out on one of the units in the depot.
She confirmed that a similar discovery occurred a few weeks ago in the depot with another unit that was being commissioned.

“Obviously Hyundai Rotem, the train manufacturer, has warranty obligations and it is working with ourselves and KiwiRail to investigate the cause and resolve the issues promptly.”
The source of both incidents is the auxiliary power unit, the equipment that supplies power to the non traction systems, e.g. heating, lighting and control systems, of the train.

“For safety reasons it is imperative that all the new trains are taken out of service until the matter is resolved.

“Work has begun to try and resolve the problem and the Matangi trains will return to service as soon as we’re satisfied with the actions taken by Hyundai Rotem.

“It’s frustrating, for train users as well as ourselves, that this has happened. But it’s better that these problems are detected sooner rather than later and we will make sure that the problem is fixed as soon as it can be.”

Matangi fleet no longer running

So far 12 of the new trains, a quarter of the 48-unit fleet, have arrived in New Zealand.
But only seven trains had been cleared for service and five were in regular passenger service on the Upper Hutt and Melling Lines.
Three more new trains are due in Wellington next week.




  1. Simon says:

    Hope this is taken into consideration when the Auckland tender is finalised.

  2. Chris says:

    I suppose those Hillside trains are looking a much better bargin then…

  3. Jim C says:

    Explains why there not many running when I was there not long ago. Mind you as Fran Wilde said its better these hiccups are sorted out now before the new EMUs start in regular service. Even though I’m not a regular traveler down in Wgtn when ever I’m there I love taking the trains. I know from last visit the Ganz EMUs are getting very tired and need refurbishment. One I was on couldn’t start when leaving Porirua Railway Station. The pantograph had to be lowered and raised for the unit to start working properly.

  4. anthony says:

    I feel for the Wellington commuter’s, they are getting truely fed up now, they aren’t happy with both the company and the GWRC.

  5. Scott says:

    This is good news for CAF/Mitsubishi

  6. Carl says:

    Interesting this has happened just as rail talks have broken down.

    I am just going to say it, but I hope more problems are found so that the rail contracts are looked again.

    Build um in NZ!

  7. KarlHansen says:

    @Carl - any changes in the tendering process at this stage would delay Auckland Rail Electrification for another 1-2 years, and quite possibly open up KiwiRail to legal action (not sure about the NZ legal framework around these things, but overseas, this is what would happen). So not a chance.

    What irks me about the whole thing is that the National government isn’t even willing to let their own workers build new freight cars. It may be deplorable (but quite possibly true) that they can’t compete on electric trains or locomotives (because our manufacturing base has already been degraded past the point where they could do it at semi-competitive prices and quality) but to not even offer them a piece of that pie is beyond harsh and into plain insult.

  8. Andy says:

    This is disappointing and unusual. Although I don’t know any stats, from my personal experience of riding Hyudai Rotems for over 4 years everyday, I have never experienced or seen a breakdown.

  9. Giel says:

    No - not that unusual at the start. Rolling stock of a pretty much new design often has trouble when first commissioned. They will come right and Rotem people are currently based in Wellington fixing commissioning issues as they arise. Lets have some faith for a change.


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