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What’s on your mind today?

Aucklanders use laptops but can't charge them




  1. Matt L says:

    On my mind is this amazing vision of Queen St, the city centre would be so much nicer if it looked like this.

  2. KarlHansen says:

    I’m wondering what’s happening to Tamaki Drive - recently, there’s been a lot of patching and minor fixes on the walk and cycle path along the waterfront. Probably for the Rugby World Cup?

    It’s good that the path is getting some maintenance, but it literally looks very “patchy”, especially from the ports to Kelly Tarlton’s. Could we not redo the whole path to make it a bit better?

    I may be a fool when Joyce is pumping dry the local roads budget for motorways, but surely we aren’t so hard up that we can’t upgrade one of our premier footpaths, long as it may be?

  3. anthony says:

    @Matt My mind is Boggling…..Beautiful!!!!
    I would totally fund this if i was a billionare….

  4. Patrick says:

    Hi Jon
    How’s the progress going at the Remuera, Greenlane and Otahuhu platform extensions.

  5. I’m wishing for a complete network obverhaul actually…

  6. Jon C says:

    @Patrick R Progressing towards the introduction of the longer trains mid July. Took some photos but they look miserable because they were in heavy rain so will put some sunny ones up if we get any sun!

  7. Grant says:

    The HOP card has a number of fundamental failures in design.

    I just about lost it today with the help desk after my daughter was stranded today, despite having 8 rides remaining on a HOP card. I will write up the list of issues, but who does the buck stop with?

    Who takes responsibility for making the system work well?

  8. Jon C says:

    Big increases in traffic lately and a growing database of 4 years of posts is causing site wobbles which includes readers complaining they cant access the site sometimes.
    So major under the bonnet work is going on and a big but expensive change to the hosting solution.
    You may experience a few issues over the next 72 hours while the under the bonnet changes take place.

  9. Matt L says:

    Has the traffic been up since your infamous post?

    Also my offer still stands about wanting to make a donation to help out a little bit so let me know if I can help.

  10. Jon C says:

    If your RSS feed of this site is not working rejoin. It may be pointing to aucklandtrains. The website is now aktnz so go on the site and rejoin.

  11. AKT says:

    Police news release:
    Police have been advised that there is a structural issue with the Kopu Bridge.

    The middle swing part of the bridge is currently being examined and all access to the bridge is closed.

    At this stage the closure is until further notice.

    Motorists are advised to use diversions via Paeroa.

  12. AKT says:

    Police advise that the Kopu Bridge is now open for vehicle use.

    The required repairs have been completed.

  13. Paul says:

    Grant makes an interesting point regarding hop. It’s almost impossible to talk to someone who can help with problems other than talking about disputed fares.

    The online system has been down for over a week and the callcentre is also down. I’ve discovered that I get on a bus a mangere town centre but hop thinks I get on at 654 Massey rd so charges extra. Because I have trips loaded and no money I go into negative balance which doesn’t show on your transactions for some stupid reason. Crazy!

    So I rang hop and all they wanted to talk about was the disputed transaction, not the actual problem. I would have to ring them every day to dispute transactions!!

    Grant, I suspect this has happened to you. Or she forgot to tag off. Either way put some money on the card and remember to TO CHECK THE TRANSACTIONS!!!!

  14. Jon C says:

    Poor Wgtn commuters tonight. 14 train services cancelled 10 replaced by buses -official reason because of train staff flu

  15. Tim Harman says:

    Here’s my hop card experience:

    I purchased a hop card, because well, I had no choice! They told me it would tell me my balance when I tagged off. It never did. Eventually I filmed it just to show them it didn’t work - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayLjO8o0tTM

    Then it broke. I’m not sure how, but it’s my fault it broke. It had a tiny hairline crack about 5mm in and that stopped it working.

    I rang up and asked how I transfer my balance to a new one: “Go down to Britomart and they’ll do it on the spot!”, they said. That’s right, Britomart is the only place in Auckland that can do it I was told, I had to go there. It couldn’t be done over the phone.

    So I travelled to Britomart. Where they _took my email address_ and told me to go away again. In a “few days” I would get a token in my email and that token/code is used when I buy a new card to put the old balance on. Again, only doable at Britomart. Nothing else they could do though.

    What a waste of a trip (both my time and the fare) to and from Britomart that was. Why couldn’t they have taken my hop card number over the phone and saved me a trip?

    Finally 2 days later my token arrived and I went to Britomart again. Thankfully this time they could help me (once I gave them old card, new card I had to buy and the code) and they did transfer my balance.

    So the system does work. But it’s so terribly clunky, only the Britomart office can do these transfers apparently (though the email from Snapper said there was also a head office somewhere, but it’s only open until 5pm)
    It was a very frustrating experience. At least my card does now show me my balance when I tag off the bus.

    I hope it doesn’t break again - it seems flimsy and only lasted me 3 weeks before.

  16. Scott says:

    Hi tim.

    Just a point to note: the balance only shows when your balance is under $12. It is possible that this was the cause.

    Re the card damage have a look at the picture on this site:


    Note that Hop cards are re-branded snapper cards. You must have just broken the antenna with the crack.

    I could only guess why two trips were required to Britomart.

  17. Tim Harman says:

    Scott: Why couldn’t anyone else tell me about the $12 thing? That makes perfect sense! And yes, I must have snapped the antenna, that’s what it would have been.

    Thanks for a bit of sanity.


  18. Jon C says:

    Some comments are ending up in the spam folder. So much spam arrives the filters are quite strong.
    if your comment doesnt appear, please let me know.
    I mean to check it regularly but sometimes forget.

  19. Jt says:

    @matt L

    Those plans look bloody awesome. It looks better without the cars on the streets. More people friendly.



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