Train Overcrowding Continues


There are still trains running that are overcrowded beyond the set limit.

In the latest monthly checks, there were eight services reported to have average load factors above the 1.4 (i.e. four passengers standing for every ten seated passenger) target planning standard.

Auckland Transport says this is based on an average of train crew passenger counts, which are performed at pre-set locations considered to represent the maximum load points of each route.

This compares to three services in April, but Auckland Transports says thatmonth that included Easter and school holidays.

There were 12 services recorded during March above the load standard.

Four of the services in May were morning peak services, one being a Western Line and the others being Southern or Eastern Line services.

Six of these eight services would have been helped with the introduction of five-car trains on the Southern Line from mid-July.

Platform extensions at stations like Greenlane, Remuera and Otahuhu will have been completed by then.



  1. Jay T says:

    6 car trains during peak times in Mornings arvo and during sports events and local festivities would help as well as an increase in Maori Wardens, as they are a huge help with the less advantaged passengers.

    Maybe if we introduce a school train only if possible which would also help as passengers with bikes, wheelchairs and many parents with prams, are refused entry on these afternoon and morning trains.

  2. Andrew J says:

    Otahuhu had part of its extension opened at 5am this morning.

  3. DanC says:

    Longer trains is the answer. How many carriages will be in service once the platforms are upgraded? How many carriages can Britomart take? In London some platforms are too short for the 8 carriage trains they run here. An announcement is made if you need to move from the 1st of last carriage into the 2nd or 7th as the doors won’t open on the 1st and last at these shorter platforms.


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