Western Line Performance Down Again


Eastern and Southern Line commuters had a better run last month - but Western Line commuters had the same bad experience as the previous month - the worst in the region and dropped even more.

Veolia’s train performance measurement for June showed overall, 85.6% punctuality - up a point on June.

Onehunga continued to be the star performer with its highest ever - 97.4%.

If only every line could achieve the same.

Western Line’s punctuality was only 81% - down slightly from May’s 81.8%.

Here’s the rundown:

This was the May result:

Veolia’s analysis for June is:

Of the 7,889 train services scheduled in June, 98.1 per cent arrived at their final destination and 85.6 per cent were on time.

  • There were three major train failures during the month; two occurred on Monday 13 June at Papakura and Newmarket and the third mechanical fault occurred on Monday 27 June between Glen Eden and Waitakere. The cumulative impact meant 58 services were delayed and 13 services needed to be cancelled.
  • There was one serious network failure during the month; at Mt Albert on Monday 13 June which affected 23 services and resulted in 161 delay minutes
  • The Britomart tunnel was temporarily closed on Friday 17 June in response to a trespasser entering the tunnel. The closure resulted in 17 services being delayed and three cancellations.
  • An operational issue occurred on Tuesday 21 June at Avondale which resulted in the delay of 24 services including five cancellations.

Wellington commuters enjoyed their best performance stats since November last year. Their measurements define punctuality as being only 3 minutes late whereras Auckland’s measurement is 5 minutes late.

  • 87% of trains were on time to within 3 minutes
  • 93% of trains were on time to within 5 minutes

Johnsonville Line performed the best with 92% of trains being on time.

The others: 

Kapiti Line – 83% on time
Upper Hutt Line – 87% on time
Wairarapa Line – 73% on time





  1. Matt L says:

    I noticed the poster up in the train this morning, overall things are starting to get better as issues causing speed restrictions are being fixed up in advance of the RWC.

    I wonder what will happen if we can consistantly get reliability above 85%, will we adopt the 3 minutes measurement. Also it should be pointed out that it is much easier for Onehunga services to be within 5 minutes of their timetable as they have a shorter run so less chance for things to go wrong along the way.

  2. Jacky says:

    Late!!!! At least arrived 5 minutes late from Newmarket to Britomart Station at 5:52pm today!!! then the driver casually walk from one end to the other end.

    While he is taking his time from one end to the other end, Papakura line arrived on Platform 4, then the Papakura line go first… then have to wait for Swanson train to arrive at Newmarket Platform, then the train decided to move!!

    I am just wondering, Kiwirail should put some more train driver especially the Western line, where the driver has to move 1 end to the other end.. Like put somebody just to drive Britomart to Newmarket section. Therefore, there is no need to make the driver to walk one end to the other end and I am sure the accurancy of ontime departure and arrival will be improved!



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