That’s A Relief!


Christchurch has had some good news at last.
in fact Transport Minister Steven Joyce called it “very good news.”
The Christchurch Southern Motorway extension is still on track for its original completion date of early 2013.
He told Parliament:
“I was visiting Christchurch yesterday and saw firsthand the very good progress being made despite the earthquakes resulting in workers being temporarily transferred to other sites for emergency repairs, and the design also requiring tweaks to reflect changes to the land.
“The Christchurch Southern Motorway extension is still on track for its original completion date of early 2013. I take this opportunity to congratulate the workers and contractors on keeping going in what are really quite exceptional circumstances as they work to complete this very important project for Christchurch’s economic and social future.

Christchurch road damage

“The earthquakes have probably made the project more important now than before. Traffic patterns have changed in Christchurch following the earthquakes, and the main southern arterials in the city are congested at peak times. This has caused frustrating delays for motorists travelling to the city, to the port of Lyttelton, and to the industrial areas in the south and east of the city.
“In addition, it is likely that growth in the western areas of the city will accelerate as people and businesses relocate out of harder-hit areas. The Government is determined to continue with the $600 million Christchurch road of national significance programme, which will create hundreds of jobs and help move goods and services as the city’s economy recovers.”




  1. KarlHansen says:

    Good thing that’s on track. As the minister says, it will allow Cantabrians to flee the inner city better, and sprawl out west. Good that he isn’t listening to those freaks who talk about rebuilding the CBD (cue another minister who wants to “bowl all the heritage buildings tomorrow”) or even “Copenhagenize” it.

    Sarcasm aside, it’s business as usual - I wonder how much the budget overrun from this project is going to be to ensure it keeps its timeline?

  2. Anthony says:

    This is one of the few motorway projects im for, It grinds my gears every time we stop at a Traffic light in CHCH which is virtually every intersection. D:
    so it’s much more valuable than Puhoi Motorway.

    I heard it will someday reach Rolleston.

  3. KarlHansen says:

    I am happy for Rolleston. Every suburb and village in NZ should have a motorway. Can’t live without them!


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