Morningside’s New Look


Morningside train station - one of the key stations during the Rugby World Cup 2011 at nearby Eden Park - has a new look this morning - looking more modern and more open than it did last week.
This is because the old concrete building that had housed communication equipment has been taken down.

Where the concrete building was

Morningside was one of the early stations on the North Auckland Line with a signal box erected there about 1915.

The old building at least gave shelter

The old building largely remained when the big station upgrade happened in 2009 as equipment inside was still needed.

This was the look inside the building as workers demolished it.

During the weekend when no trains were running, workers worked to complete the track crossover to enable Morningside trains to leave from both platforms after the RWC matches.


Further up the road, the New North Rd overbridge has had its graffiti removed and the new signals look impressive.

Alos this morning there are longer trains on the Southern and Eastern line and more trains with on board train announcements.




  1. Matt L says:

    Just been past on the train and it seems lighter which is a good. Also it should be noted that while trains are longer out south and east some of the trains out west are now shorter. The train I’m on is now a 5 car train and there are people standing and that is without all the school kids. When the holidays are over things could get a bit tight

  2. Carl says:

    really liking all the GREY walls, so colourful and inviting,


  3. Doloras says:

    I’m sorry, Carl, but I’ve been following your comments on this website for months now, and… is there ANYTHING you do like?

  4. George D says:

    Yep, rode a 5 car train home this eve down the Eastern line. Looking forward to 6 car trains!

    These shelters are good, but on busier stations you could easily add two or three - they fill up very quickly in Auckland’s weather.

  5. Carl says:

    again, why is there not super structure, why do we build such piddly arsed things like this?


  6. rtc says:

    It’s easy to get greedy and say why are the shelters so small and why didn’t we construct big ones from the start. But we’re talking about a design that came out of a period when the system was barely used, spending money was hard to justify, now we have a system that’s bursting at the seams and whilst it’s now easy to justify why we need money spent we have a government who has done nothing but cut funding for PT, year in and year out.

  7. J says:

    I thought the reason they kept the old building (and I’m actually in one of the photos of it waiting for a train) was to give a bit of a link to the past and the heritage of the station. The old building wasn’t that great (and the colour didn’t match) but I had no problem with it remaining.

    I also think they should do something interesting with the rail overbridge rather than paint it the regulation Auckland grey - why not “Morningside” in big bold colours?

    There seems to be an overwhelming obsession with grey in almost all public space development at the moment.

  8. Jon C says:

    @J I have complained before that the town is being painted grey for the RWC.
    It’s depressing.
    There was tagging on the bridge which has been now greyed out. What a great chance for an interesting mural.
    BTW A reminder: My about section says if anyone is accidentally photographed and don’t want to be in a photo just to let me know.


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