Synchronised Timetables Please


From Sydney comes news that timetables for trains, buses and ferries there will be synchronised as part of an overhaul of transport services in NSW, which the state government is calling the biggest in 16 years.
A renamed central agency, Transport for NSW, will take control of timetables and, for the first time, create one document to link services across different modes of public transport.
A key benefit of the new structure, developed over the past 12 weeks, would be that train, bus and ferry services would be co-ordinated.
It’s a common cry for Auckland commuters to wish for the same.
Let’s hope a major timetable overhaul can come when integrated ticketing is fully rolled out.

A promising sign is that co-ordinated transport systems is now in the Auckland Transport DNA. We see places like Grafton, Onehunga and the proposed Parnell train station where buses are available near the location. New Lynn and the forthcoming Manukau transport hub are leading examples.
But we can probably all produce examples where bus, ferry and train timetables just don’t match enough to enable cross-Auckland public transport travel using multiple services to be feasible - especially at the weekend when you can take a train service to Britomart and have to wait almost an hour for a service on another line.
It will require some very sharp heads in Auckland Transport and Maxx to put together an intelligent synchronised model.
But those brains are inside the organisation.
Let’s hope they are already planning.

Meanwhile an AU$4.1 billion, 20-year vision for Perth’s public transport system, which is to include light rail and rapid transit buses, has been released (Hat tip Carl) with the capital cost alone for infrastructure and rolling stock about $4.1 billion.

The states transport minister Tony  Buswell (apt name!)  said: “If we want to be a 21st century city, then we need to have a 21st century public transport platform. Good cities have good public transport systems.”

Hear hear. Meanwhile our Transport Minister Mr Roadwell has his hearing aid turned off.




  1. George D says:

    When they finally introduce integrated ticketing (HOP) we’ll see this - I hope?

  2. KarlHansen says:

    Cue throwaway media quip:

    Ah, well, the AUSTRALIANS. They are used to public transport, and they have much denser cities. THEY can use public transport, but Kiwis prefer cars.

    [Reality check remains set to "off"]

    PS: Never was much for synchronised timetables. Just “frequency” the hell out of them, then you don’t NEED timetables ;-)


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