Eden Park Smokin Hot


Odd that the first thing tourists walking to their first RWC2011 Rugby World Cup match will see when they encounter the famous Eden Park will be a pod of smokers.

A well-signposted area for smokers has been created outside the Walters Park entrance.

It gives hard-core smokers the last chance to indulge in their filthy habit before they go inside.

But it’s bizarre when, wasn’t it just a week ago, some Auckland City Councillors were talking of stepping up the smoking restrictions including a ban on people hanging outside CBD buildings for their work smoke virtually sending smokers underground hidden from public view.

Also new at the Park is a 2.7 metre high bronze statue of rugby legend Dave Gallaher. who was captain of the 1905 “the Originals” All Blacks. The sculpture was created by former newspaper cartoonist Malcolm Evans in association with the Ponsonby Rugby Club.

Irish-born Gallaher’s life ended tragically when he joined the army and was killed in the Passchendaele offensive in 1917 at the age of 43.

I do enjoy the Billy Apple-created corner at Walters and Sandringham Rds, just before the Park.

Meanwhile work is continuing around the stands at the Park.




  1. J says:

    I love the temporary scaffolding - it really makes the venue look world class!

  2. Carl says:

    in regards to your comment J, its no different to any other place around the world.

    it is a smart move because once the event is over, it can be taken away.

    serially do you need a explanation of “NZ doesn’t have the population base in Auckland to warrant a full 60,000+ seat stadium?”

    Temp or not, get the people make it look awesome have a good time, pack it up and go home.

    it keeps people employed before, during and after its finished, unlucky many other things in “NZ”.

    there is noting tacky about it.

    Monte-carlo is all set up like for the F1, hamilton is no different for V8′s, the Olympics in London are pretty much 75% foldaway re-useable seating plans and options.

    there isn’t one sporting event in the world that does use it…..

  3. J says:

    @ Carl - no different to any other event around the world? Except the (most directly comparable, unlike motor sport events) recent Rugby World Cups? I can think of a large number of sporting events that don’t involve vast amounts of temporary scaffolding.

    I’m not sure why I’m not allowed to comment that I don’t like the aesthetic of the temporary seating whether or not there are economic efficiency arguments to support it.

    I think Eden Park actually looked not a bad stadium until they put it in.

    I hope the crowd will give the place real atmosphere, but I think the appearance of the ground is poorer for it.

  4. KarlHansen says:

    @J - sorry for me not caring enough about Rugby to put our country (and Auckland) even MORE into debt just so you can brag with a stadium that London or Paris might build. Please check population and GDP figures, and then run the problem again.

    You are just envious and want to keep up with the Jonses. Screw that.

  5. Carl says:

    @J we don’t live in the UK with a population of 67 million people that warrents these fully built stadiums.

    we also once finished only really have one professional code (rugby) using them.

    Unlike the USA/UK/Europe that have american football, basketball, soccer, do i need to go on???

    your idea doesn’t weight up and Since I work in events and have actually almost been to every major world event (bar the soccer world cup) in the last 10 years, I’m pretty sure for the size of the population we have, a pretty good job is being done.

    the fact that these seats have been erected goes back to my first point, more bums on seats = more spend in our country.

    I’m actually amazed that the terraces don’t have another layer 1/2 way up on top of what is already there, get another 5000 people in.

    trust me the last thing they are worried about is “what it” looks like.

  6. Mark says:

    @J - the temp seats will be “dressed” by RWC time ie covered/themed.
    The real issue that has only just come out, is that the 5000 in them actually don’t get into the stadium itself! They were supposed to get normal concourse access, but now they go directly in at the back, and have to queue for port-a-loos/food in the rain on cricket ave!
    Nothing wrong with temp seating - but it should have been done better than this. Especially as these seats were part of the initial ticket “pool” - where people could end up with seats anywhere.


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