Last Toll Kiosk Destroyed


Thieves have destroyed the remaining manual Northern Gateway Toll Rd payment kiosk at Puhoi .
There is a restricted service operating for drivers wanting to pay their tolls by cash.
The Police have been notified about the incident, which appears to be an attempted theft.
The other machine at the isolated rural site was destroyed last month during a similar attack.
The cash payment site for southbound motorists at Puhoi, has now been closed indefinitely. The NZTA is currently assessing options for security arrangements and replacement of machines at the site.

Three manual payment kiosks are still operating for northbound drivers at the BP service centre alongside SH1 at Silverdale.

The NZTA reminds drivers that tolls remain payable on the road. Tolls can be paid in advance or up to five days after using the road, either on-line at or by phone at 0800 40 20 20. Drivers can pay for single or multiple trips before their journey, or up to five days after their travel.




  1. George D says:

    Oh dear!

  2. tbird says:

    Hopefully when they catch these guys they make them pay for the damages and costs. (Yeah, I’m dreaming)

    If they’re caught, no doubt some judge will write-off their fines, tell them to write a letter in 3 months, and let them off to steal some rail parts to sell for scrap.

  3. DanC says:

    Take something from them, (car, stereo, tv..) + a fine. Need to get tough on criminals. Maybe I’d make a bad law maker like my tackle a tagger law.

  4. Lti says:

    I dont condone the vandalism. But lets hope they arent rebuilt.

    They serve no purpose and just result in confused and angry people lining up to use them when all they need to do is keep on driving.

  5. John Dalley says:

    I have only used the toll road once and thought both ends were a shambles. When you are going North, i cood see no signage that told yopu the both was in the BP station and when coming back the toll both in question was out of order so in the end i had to find my way through the website to pay two trips. What a waste of time and effort.

  6. Mike F says:

    Never understood why the option as per some toll roads overseas whereby you drive up to a toll gate,throw you money into a funnel (I presume it weighs the coinage) and lets you through. Takes about 5 seconds on a empty lane I guess.


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