Ak Transport Needs A Tank


Memo Auckland Transport: Here’s what you need to start doing. Buy a tank.
The Mayor of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, drove over & wrecked a Mercedes in a stunt to serve as a warning to anyone who thinks about parking illegally.

Mayor Arturas Zuokas had cycle lanes installed throughout the capital during his first term as mayor and says he wanted his message to be loud and clear that “the city will not tolerate brazen and disrespectful behaviour by drivers who disobey parking rules.”

The shocked driver came out of a shop. The Mayor walked up, shook his hand & told him not to park his car illegally ever again and then rode off on his bike.
Here’s the video!

Has Crusher Collins lost her title to Arturas?

Photos SWNS.com



  1. AdG says:

    Brilliant - just got my morning off to a great start, thanks Jon C

  2. Roger says:

    Men who wear necklaces should probably be driven over as well!

  3. Anthony says:

    So even poorer Eastern European nations like Lithuania are smarter (transport-wise) than NZ. I feel a bit sad now….

  4. Carl says:

    Lithunania with the EU backing is hardly poor.

    The war built there transport system and the Iron Curtin kept it going.

    Sarajevo’s tram system and Bosnia’s train service are also awesome.

    Future planning and doing it at the correct time for the people.

    something countries out this way don’t do.

  5. KarlHansen says:

    I heard this was just a publicity stunt, and the merc was actually a spruced-up clunker, not a brand new car.

    Hearing that made me a lot less happy about the story. I hope he follows the advertising with more enforcement!

  6. Chris says:

    Yes, definitely a publicity stunt.
    No alarm on his BMW? And the guy hardly looks shocked (but I guess I wouldnt be. I’d just claim insurance).


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