Wellington Fare Increases Postponed


Fare increases proposed for Wellington’s buses and trains, due to take effect from  September 1 have been  postponed. But they will happen eventually.

Peter Glensor, Chair of Greater Wellington’s Economic Wellbeing Committee, which oversees public transport, says negotiations with some operators about the fare increases are taking longer than expected.

“Getting to a place where everyone is satisfied with the changes always takes a substantial amount of time but this year discussions are taking longer than we had expected. We’re hoping that negotiations will be completed soon.

“Although we can’t set a specific date yet for the fare increases to take effect, it won’t be 1 October as that’s right in the middle of Rugby World Cup 2011 and to have bus and train fares changing then would be too confusing for the thousands of visitors expected in Wellington.”

Peter Glensor says people who have already bought September monthly rail passes at the higher rate will be refunded.

The proposed fare increase involves a 5% increase to stored value cards, 10-trip tickets and monthly passes for buses and trains. There are also changes to some special Johnsonville train fares and cash fares for zones 10-14 (between Wellington and Waikanae and Wairarapa).

There will be no changes to all other fares set by Greater Wellington.

Peter Glensor says the increase will generate an increase of about 3% in overall revenue. “Like the cost of everything else, the cost of running public transport is increasing so fares need to be increased to meet those costs.”




  1. Callum Dickinson says:

    What? _MORE_ fare increases? Come on, I thought you were trying to get people ON public transport here but the fares have DOUBLED since I started using buses in 2006. I don’t need it to cost MORE :/

  2. tim says:

    Time for a decrease in fares more like. With new matangi trains which will be more energy efficient and need less maintenance, plus all the new track, costs should be dropping!! Where are all these costs/profits coming from?!


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