How Rugby World Cup Madness Looks


So it begins.
After a year or so of trials, tonight’s Bledisloe Wallabies vs All Blacks clash is being treated as the real thing for the Rugby World Cup 2011, giving us a clear picture of what the next few months will be like -with thousands of tourists yet to be added.
It looks a well-oiled machine.
Fans are into it, trains are flat out, Kingsland pubs are so busy people are queueing to get in and security is efficient but seems very good natured.
Here’s how it looks tonight:

One way to avoid the Sandringham Rd closure

View from temporary stand |Reader joust39

Kingsland's new verandahs will be welcome if it rains later

Kingsland eating establishments are full

Queing for the pub

Train waiting behind Morningside apartments for a berth at Kingsland

Morningside security efficient and friendly




  1. Paul in Sydney says:

    There’s DC4444 are there any fans out there?

    I’ve just recently seen an almost 20 year old video clip of it pulling into the Newmarket station that once was

  2. urbanlocal says:

    I’m a big fan of DC4444. A regular on the western line.
    She has a special sound. Can tell it is her before I even can see her.


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