Powering Up For Electric


Rail workers have had one last full weekend of pre-electrification and pre-RWC work before the ban on construction during the Cup starts.
There is apparently a closure next Sunday on the Western Line between Henderson and Britomart according to the Maxx site (hat tip James S).
There will be no more full weekend closures now until November -with planned disruptions on the weekends of November 5 and 12 (Western, Papakura to Otahuhu) and December 3 and 17 (Papakura to Otahuhu) and then the full-on Christmas close down as more work is done on installing electrification masts and structure.
This work was being done at St Georges Rd:

Just up the track there are already electric masts .

At Morningside more work was being done to complete the crossover which enables West-bound trains during the RWC to leave from both Morningside platform.
At least it will be good to have the trains at the weekends again.




  1. KarlHansen says:

    The masts in the last image seem to be leaning. I wonder whether that is because the overhead lines will pull them inwards anyway, and the lean is intentional?

  2. Chris R says:

    The post nearest the camera is a signal post.

  3. Antz says:

    I noticed the slant too, maybe it has something to do with the weight of the masts on the top.


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