Train Stations Get Free Wi-Fi


Some railway stations and public transport areas are to get free Wi-Fi during the Rugby World Cup.

Auckland Council and Wi-Fi operator Tomizone  have organised  free high speed internet for eight weeks, starting on September 2 under partnership from NZ Post online directory venture Localist.

Users will be able to get free access for up to three 30 minute sessions a day per Wi-Fi device.

Public transport venues will be:

  • Britomart station and adjourning area
  • Newmarket railway statiobn
  • Kingsland railway station
  • Morningiside railway station
  • Devonport wharf
  • Matiatia wharf Waiheke
  • Ferry terminal

Britomart will be busy during the rugby cup

Party centrals like Queens Wharf, Eden Park,  Aotea Square and North Wharf are also included.

Green signs saying “Free WiFi Here” will indicate where the free Auckland WiFi service is available.




  1. George D says:

    Hopefully they forget to turn it off afterwards. Not hopeful though - RWC patrons are supervaluable people, we’re just Aucklanders.

  2. marten says:

    And another whinge & negativity post. Hey, challenge - can we get 75% of all posts on this board express at least one of the following:

    - Frustration with how things are
    - Frustration with how things will be
    - Disagreement (preferably with a personal tinge) against another poster?

    Surely that is possible. All we have to lose is our good mood, and our chance of changing Auckland.


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