Weekend Spring Clean


Workers and volunteers- young and old- have spent Sunday cleaning up the Western Line rail corridor in preparation for the Rugby World Cup tourists arriving.
The line has Eden park stations on it -Kingsland and Morningside.
That work included cleaning vegetation as well as checking for tagging.

Trucks, diggers and other machinery popped up on bridges, on tracks and at odd spots around the network.

This was the last closure of the tracks until after the Rugby World Cup.

There will be another big Christmas rail network closure to enable more work to be done getting ready for electrification.



  1. Hayden says:

    Looks bleak. Greytown.

  2. Anthony says:



  3. geoff_184 says:

    It would have made more sense to do it on September 4th. By leaving three weeks between the clean up and the opening of the RWC, they give the taggers plenty of time to make use of the new blank canvasses.

  4. Carl says:

    why are people required to volly for this?

    this should have been handed to people who are required for PD (if that still happens).

    to far out, and with all the rain, the weeds and grass will just grow back and the taggers will come back also.

  5. marten says:

    Gosh, whinge, whinge, whinge - and then whinge again. Nothing is good enough. Nothing is positive, because it always “could have been better”. Thanks.

    “why are people required to volly for this?”

    That’s VOLUNTEERS, mate. They aren’t “required”.

  6. DanC says:

    Shame it’s grey. Why not purple or something vibrant!

  7. Carl says:

    marten - I do volly work all the time, I enjoy, but work like this should be given to people who need to do some hard labour.

    there is no whinging, its always been my point of view that people who are required to do PD should be given jobs like this.

    it teaches them respect for where they live.

  8. Simon C says:

    Carl - You just don`t get it do you? If people WANT to do something to improve the rail corridor of their own volition, what`s it to you? For once, stop complaining and whinging and be thankful there are some people motivated to improve our surroundings.

    Marten, unfortunately in NZ, when people try to improve things, rather than lauding them or at least giving some positive feedbackmost as per the comments on this thread would prefer to criticise. As you surmised, it`s never good enough. It`s either too this, or not enough that. Or should`ve been done this way etc etc

    After living in Japan for 5years it was very noticeable coming back to NZ, though I love this place and many things about it, how much NZers whinge, moan and bitch. For some reason many NZers have a gift for finding the negative in anything! Thankfully the good outweighs the bad or I might have to move to Australia or somewhere else…like Carl.

    Unlike some others I am happy overall that while things aren`t perfect in Auckland and sometimes it is a frustrating process, there has been substantial improvement in the last decade. Maybe some people on this blog need to remember that and also the personal time some are giving freely to try and help further.

  9. Carl says:

    Simon C - what exactly is there to get?

    my point is using PD workers to do this “work”

    end of story.

    if you want to volly for it, by all means go for it, but I simply stating that I feel PD should be forced to do this somewhat at sometimes labour intensive work.

    and in future should carry out a lot more work to do with rail / bus ways to keep costs down.

    they also may pick up a skill set in the process and wouldn’t that be awesome.

    that is / was my point real point.

  10. Owen Thompson says:

    Why were volunteers called upon to tidy up these areas? These jobs should have been funded at the very least at $13ph, being the minimum wage. I freely volunteer my time for a charity, but I refuse to do the same for a business.


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