Cycle Action’s Next Meeting


Cycle Action advises of its next meeting:
Cycle Action Auckland is delighted to present Stephen Town, Regional Director, NZTA as our AGM guest speaker.
Auckland’s NZTA team have been commissioning the city’s architects, urban designers and engineers to create the most exciting, innovative cycling infrastructure our city has ever seen. We can expect to see more as Mayor Len’s liveable city evolves around us. Stephen Town, the NZTA’s new Regional Director, is helping it along. He understands and works to promote connectivity - between our city’s new bodies, between transport modes, between design professionals, and between the key cycling routes we all dream to have connecting across the region. Recently, he has helped along the ‘Getacross’ proposal for cycling and walking on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

7pm Thursday 25 August Drinks & Nibbles @ 6:45pm
Ellen Melville Hall, Freyberg Square Corner of High Street & Freyberg Pl



  1. Max says:

    Thanks Jon for posting this at short notice, and no worries about not being able to upload the presentation logo image remotely. We are all in awe about the exhaustive coverage of transport news you provide.

    Hope there will be a lot of people at the event. The formal part will be short and to the point, and then it’s over to a great presentation about upcoming projects for cycling.

    And of course - cycling makes hungry, so we are always willing to bribe our guests with our famous food catering. Even those who arrive by car or public transport ;-)


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