AT Chair Stays On

Auckland Council has extended the fixed term contract of Auckland Transport Chair Mark Ford for 12 months to  November 2012.
But he Mayor has directed that planning begin early for a smooth transition to a new chair at the completion of that term.
Len Brown says the need for continuity as we work towards RWC 2011, the electrification of our suburban rail network and major public transport projects including the City Rail Link has driven the move.
“Mark Ford has my confidence and the confidence of his colleagues on the Transport Board including the senior councillors who sit on the Board, Mike Lee and Chris Fletcher,” says the Mayor.

Mark Ford on a train

Mr Ford is also Chief Executive of Watercare.
The Mayor acknowledges some concern about one person occupying two critical roles, but says Mr Ford’s performance to date is evidence this is not an issue.
Watercare Chair Ross Keenan has also expressed to the Mayor his confidence in the ability of Mr Ford to carry out both roles.
Meanwhile Fergus Gammie, Chief Operations Officer at Auckland Transport and formerly of ARTA has resigned effective October.  He is going to Sydney in a job in which he will help develop NSW Transport.





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